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Maine …Stay at Home or Re Open ?

Maine is not dense

goose rocks beachOur population in Maine is not dense… I mean that literally and intellectually. Maine is a low density state, 1.3 mill people, with ample space to be outdoors, spread out, and enjoy nature – 17 million acres of forestland and 3,500 miles of coast! Larger than the 5 other New England states combined!

Come to think of it, we have more acreage than people!!! More moose? Not quite…

Mainers are not dense… we are resourceful, resilient, and we are very good at social distancing,… lol… we get twitchy if anyone gets wicked close, right?!

“Close” is one word with multiple meanings – applied readily in these unprecedented times”…
Quick grammar review: “close” is a homograph.
Dense is another homograph…

halfway light casco bay 3“Close” – as in less than 6 feet apart, the opposite of social distancing.

“Close” – as in our Maine Governor mandated our state to “close” businesses, and to remain “closed” to out-of-staters during the pandemic unless visitors quarantine for 14 days… shut the damn door why don’t ya… excuse me – “close it.”

“Close” – as in “Phew, that was a close one! We almost went out of business, didn’t want to have to “close” after generations of our Maine family owned and operated ___ (fill in the blank business here).”

2020 kpt buoyClose” – as in when you are wicked fond of your Maine cousin… you’re close

Back to my point: Maine as a state is not dense –we’re pretty spread out, and we as Mainers are pretty clever. We like to make our own choices, we historically do the right thing… in fact our state motto is #Dirigo which means – we lead… we don’t follow others  – its not our DNA … and we don’t like being told what we can and cannot do – example: unreasonable, excessive #StayHome executive orders! Curfews! Mask mandates when you’re along outside!

Maine’s Governor Janet Mills exercised her power with her #StayAtHome order since March 2020. Another tyrannical mandate is her #selfquarantine for 14 day, or show a negative Covid test (violating HIPA privacy)  to anyone who comes to Maine from away, or any Mainer returning from away. This simply doesn’t work … if you have been staying at home in your state, and want to drive to Maine for a vacation in so-dubbed #Vacationland – and want to generously contribute to our vital and vibrant Maine’s tourism scene, you should be welcome.

breakwater river view7We believe people, when welcomed, to our beautiful Pine Tree State will do the right thing, wear masks when asked, social distance, sanitize, and self-report & quarantine immediately if they feel symptoms.

While we prefer to “lead” (dirigo) we have followed news from states who have remained open, they never did “close” and the majority of their numbers are “close” to ours percentage wise in Maine. No worse, no better statistically – except that we have been in #TimeOut and our economy is “close” to bankrupt.

bass harbor light 9We hope the powers that be will see to opening Maine for our important tourism businesses, with whatever protocols provide everyone comfort, confidence – implement tests, continue distancing, sanitizing. Have you seen the lobster face-cloth coverings? Wicked clevah! We love the #KptPromise in Kennebunk and Kennebunkport that provides a comprehensive safe re-opening strategy . … it can be done.

Its time for Maine to lead, so that we don’t get left behind and see more Maine businesses “close”. Meawhile, all Mainers can get some amazing #staycation deals on lodging and vacations while #Vacationland remains otherwise “closed” to visitors.

lobster boat northeast harbor8Thank you for listening closely … stay close… whoopsie – not that close …

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