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Despite the small parcel of land between Congress Street and Commercial near the Portland Harbor, there are a variety of lodgings and hotels in Old Port Maine. The Old Port, also known as the Old Port Exchange, encompasses Portland’s Art District and Portland Harbor. While there is much more to Portland than just the Old Port, it is perhaps what makes the city so well known and unique. This classic, historic district reflects an era gone by and is naturally an ideal location for a vacation stay or a day of touring Portland’s waterfront.

Development of the Old Port began in the 1970s until the Old Port Association halted new construction and revitalized the historic Maine architecture. 19th century architecture is now preserved and evident in the distinctive brick details, decorative glass awnings and cobblestone streets. Today, the Old Port provides a unique insight into the history of Portland’s working harbor as well as a center for arts, shopping, diverse dining, historic landmarks, thriving businesses, and lodging that is quite unique from the rest of Maine’s towns.

You’ll find hotels in Portland‘s Old Port that have preserved its original classic architecture with modern refurbishments like the Portland Regency. Other hotels in the Old Port include luxury lodgings with spa services or brand name hotels all with waterfront views of the Portland Harbor and Casco Bay beyond. You may be surprised that the Old Port, while rather condensed, contains a few quaint bed and breakfasts and inns as well – perfect for couples spending a romantic night out in the historic district.

Though the Old Port is indeed a sought after location for lodging, you can still find reasonable prices, especially in Maine’s off season. Regardless of the time of year, Portland’s Old Port is always a happening place with so many things to do, festivals and Maine’s best restaurants and museums.

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