Real Estate in Maine l Assisted Living Facilities


Advertising Rates For Maine Real Estate Companies and Assisted Living Facilities


  Gold Feature Silver Photo
Real Estate Co - Assisted Living Facilities
$499 $249*
Text - # of words 125 90
Photo - 275 x  175 Yes Yes


To list your business on, simply email us your text and/or image to and mail payment as indicated below or call us with a Credit Card. Listings will be posted when payment is received.

Photo Listings - Size: 275 pixels wide x 175 pixels tall. Please email or indicate which photo from your web site you want us to use. No logos or text on images.

Make check payable to IMS-21 and mail payment to below address or call us with your Credit Card information.

Paid Listings are valid for 365 days from time of purchase. Move to the TOP... All listings are listed alphabetically to start. All Featured listings will move ahead of other listings and remain in the order received as long as they are annually renewed. Want to be at or near the top - BOOK NOW! We reserve the right to edit any and all copy, refuse any advertiser and remove any free listings when we have sufficent paid content. All Sales are final. is a Division of IMS-21. IMS-21, P.O. Box 3029, Kennebunkport, Maine 04046

Please email or call 207-468-5959 (ask for Greg) with any questions.

IMS-21 (Integrated Marketing and Sales for the 21st Century)
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Real Estate in Maine l Assisted Living Facilities


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