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Lighthouses in Maine


Nubble Light YorkCounty Lighthouses

Cape Neddick 1879 - 41-foot white cast-iron conical tower, on summit of Cape Neddick Bubble, a small offshore rocky islet. Off Route 1A, York. Known as "Nubble Light". Because of its rocky offshore location, the lighthouse grounds are inaccessible to visitors, but its location just a few hundred feet off York Beach make it a beautiful and photogenic attraction for tourists and is widely regarded as one of the most photographed lighthouses in America. Nubble Light is also known for its unique red light, which still shines today.


Boon Island 1811/1855 - 133-foot gray granite conical tower, 6 miles east of York Beach

Goat Island 1833/1859 - 25-foot white cast-iron cylindrical tower. Cape Porpoise Harbor entrance, Kennebunkport


Wood Island 1808/1858 - 49-foot white granite conical tower. Saco River entrance, Biddeford Pool, Biddeford.


Greater Portland Lighthouses

Goat Island LightSpring Point Ledge 1897 - 54-foot white brick and cast-iron cylindrical tower on breakwater. West side main channel as you enter the Portland Harbor, South Portland.


Portland Breakwater 1855/1875 - 20-foot off-white cast-iron cylindrical tower atop octagonal pier (also known as Bug Light). West side main channel, Portland Harbor, South Portland


Ram Island Ledge 1905 - 77-foot gray granite conical tower. North side Portland Harbor entrance, Portland, view from Portland Head


Portland Headlight 1791 - Located on the south side Portland Harbor entrance in Cape Elizabeth. Portland Head Light is one of the most premier lighthouses to visit in America let alone Maine. It also comes with a rich history, as it was commissioned in 1791 by George Washington, becoming Maine's oldest lighthouse. Located in Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth, this 80-foot white fieldstone and brick conical tower Pemaquid Point Lighthouseoffers visitors a beautiful location for picnics, hiking, relaxing in the park, or visiting the museum built in the former Lighthouse Keeper's quarters. Portland Light offers views of beautiful Portland Harbor, the white fieldstone and brick conical tower stands 101 feet above sea level.


Cape Elizabeth - East Light 1827/1874 - 67-foot white cast-iron conical tower, on Staples Point, southeast tip of Cape Elizabeth, view from Dyer Point, active; West Light, 300 yards north, privately owned and inactive


Halfway Rock - 77-foot white granite conical tower, 10 miles east of Cape Elizabeth off Harpswell Neck, can be seen from Portland Head or land's end, Route 24, Bailey Island


Midcoast Lighthouses

Pond Island 1821 - 20-foot white cylindrical tower, summit of island. West side of Kennebec River entrance, view from Popham Beach, Phippsburg.


Doubling Point 1898 - 14-ft white wooden octagonal tower on granite pier with footbridge to shore. East bank 

Southern Maine Lighthouse

Kennebeck River, Arrowsic.


Squirrel Point 1898 - White wooden octagonal tower. East bank Kennebec River, Georgetown, view from Parker Head Road, Phippsburg Center


Perkins Island 1898 - White wooden octagonal tower. West side of island, Kennebec River, view from Parker Head Road, Parker Head


Seguin Island 1795/1887 - 53-foot white cylidrical tower, 2.5 miles south of Kennebec River mouth, Georgetown, with view from Popham Beach. Sequin is the second oldest lighthouse in Maine. Commissioned by George Washington in 1795, 3rd tower is standing today, Highest Elevated Lighthouse in all of Maine, 1st Order Fresnel Lens (maybe one of the only 1st order Fresnel lens in the entire Eastern coast).


Hendricks Head 1829/1875 - 39-foot white square tower, 

privately owned, Southport Island, Sheepscot River, 


Maine Lighthouse

outhport. (Tower and/or grounds privately owned; respect signs).


Burnt Island 1821 - 26-foot white conical tower. West side, Boothbay Harbor entrance, Southport; view from Spruce Point, Boothbay Harbor


The Cuckolds 1892/1907 - 48-foot white wooden octagonal tower atop dwelling. Off Cape Newagen, west side entrance to Boothbay Harbor, view from town dock, Newagen.


Ram Island 1883/1977 - 30-foot white cylindrical tower, northwest side of island, east side of Boothbay Harbor entrance, view from Ocean Point, Route 96, East Boothbay


Pemaquid Point - 32-foot white fieldstone conical tower, Pemaquid 1827/1857 Bristol, end of Route 130.


Monhegan 1824/1850 - 47-foot gray granite conical tower, 10 miles offshore, Monhegan Island, via car ferry from Boothbay Harbor, New Harbor, Port Clyde.


Franklin Island 1805/1857 - 37-foot white cylindrical tower, northwest side of island, Muscongus Bay, Friendship


Marshall Point 1832/1858 - 25-foot white granite tower with footbridge. Southern tip of Marshall Point, east side southern entrance to Port Clyde Harbor entrance, view Lighthouse Road off Route 131. St. George.


Tenants Harbor 1857 - 26-foot white cylindrical tower, privately owned. 

East side of Southern Island, view from the village.


Two Bush Island 1897 - 42-foot white square tower. Off 

Tenant's Harbor, north side Two Bush Channel


Whitehead Island 1807/1852 - 34-foot gray granite tower, west side, 

southern entrance to Muscle Ridge Channel. Off Tenant's Harbor, St. George

Rockland Breakwater 1888/1902
 - 18-foot white square tower atop fog signal house. North side, Rockland Harbor entrance, Rockland.


Owl's Head Lighthouse 1825 - 20-ft white brick conical tower, south entrance to Rockland Harbor, view from Lighthouse Road off Route 73.


Indian Island 1850/1874 - 31-ft white square tower, 

privately owned, no longer active. East side off Rockportentrance, view from Rockport Marine Park.


Midcoast Lighthouse

Curtis Island 1836/1896 - 26-foot white cylindrical tower. Camden 

Harbor entrance, view from Bay View Street, Camden


Grindel Point 1851/1874 - 32-foot white pyramidal tower, privately owned. Islesboro, auto ferry from Lincolnville Beach; north side entrance to Gilkey Harbor.


Down East Lighthouses

Heron Neck 1854 - 22-foot white cylindrical tower. Green Island, Vinalhaven.


Brown's Head 1832/1857 - 24-foot white brick cylindrical tower. Fox Islands Thorofare, Vinalhaven, ferry from Rockland.

Goose Rocks 1890
 - 51-foot white cast-iron conical tower. Fox Island Thorofare, between North Haven and Vinalhaven, via ferry


Saddleback Ledge 1839 - 42-foot gray granite conical tower. Between Isle au Haut and Vinalhaven, via ferry


Matinicus Rock 1827/1857 - Two 48-foot gray granite cylindrical towers, 5 miles southeast of Matinicus Island


Fort Point 1836/1857 - 26-foot white square tower. Penobscot River mouth, east end of Cape Jellison, view end of Fort Point Road, off Route 1, Stockton Springs.


Dyce Head 1829 - 45-foot white conical granite and fieldstone tower, privately owned, Castine Harbor entrance, view end of Lighthouse Road, Castine.


Isle au Haut 1907 - 48-foot white cylindrical brick tower with footbridge to shore. Robinson Point, Isle au Haut via ferry.


Mark Island 1857 - 26-foot 

white square tower, west 

Maine Lighthouse Historical

entrance to Deer Island Thorofare, Stonington


Eagle Island 1839/1858 - 28-foot conical tower, East Penobscot Bay, Deer Isle


Pumpkin Island 1854 - 25-foot white conical stone tower, privately owned.West end of Eggemoggin Reach, view end of Eggemoggin Road, off Route 15, Little Deer Isle


Blue Hill Bay 1856 - 22-foot white cylindrical tower, Green Island, Brooklin, inactive; west side of Blue Hill Bay.


Burnt Coat Harbor 1872 - 33-foot white square tower. Hockamock Head, Swan's Island, view from ferry from Bass Harbor.


Bass Harbor Head 1858 - 26-foot white cylindrical tower. Southern end of Mount Desert Island, view end of Lighthouse Road off Route 102A, Bass Harbor.


Bear Island 1839/1889 - 25-foot white cylindrical tower. Northeast Harbor entrance, Cranberry Isles


Midcoast Historical Lighthouse

Baker Island 1828/1855 - 43-foot white stone cylindrical tower, center of island. Cranberry Isles, entrance to Northeast Harbor. Pictured Left

Great Duck Island 1890 - 42-foot white cylindrical tower. 19 miles off Cranberry Isles, east side of entrance to Blue Hill Bay, Frenchboro. One of Maine's furthest out to sea light houses. Viewed only by boat ride on calm clear days. Pictured right.


Egg Rock 1875 - 40-foot white square tower atop dwelling. Frenchman's Bay entrance, Bar Harbor, view from Park Loop Road, Bar Harbor.


Mount Desert Rock 1830 - 58-foot gray granite conical tower. 18 miles southeast of Mount Desert Island


Winter Harbor 1856 - 19-foot white cylindrical tower, privately owned. 

Mark Island, west side of 

entrance to Winter Harbor. Best viewed by boat. View from land from Schoodic Point Loop Road.


Prospect Harbor Point 

Winter Harbor Lighthouse

1850/1891 - Prospect Harbor entrance, view Route 186, Gouldsboro.


Narraguagus (Pond Island) 1853 - 55-foot white stone cylindrical tower, privately owned. Pond Island, Millbridge, west side entrance to Narraguagus Bay.


West Quoddy Head Light 1808/1858 - Authorized for construction by Thomas Jefferson. 49' red-and-white horizontally banded brick conical tower. Westside entrance, St. Croix River and Cobscook Bay, view end of South Lubec Road, off Route 189, Lubec. Located in Quoddy Head State Park.




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