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Maine’s license plate says “Vacationland”. This is the oldest license plate motto, celebrating over 75 years in circulation. The north easternmost state is known for its dramatic coast, beautiful beaches, grand lakes and mountains and of course delicious lobster, all things you can enjoy when vacationing in Maine.

But as the I-95 Turnpike sign says, “If you worked in Maine, you could be home now”. The beauty of living in Maine is that you get to enjoy the Vacationland state while working and making a living here or retiring to Maine.

Mainers enjoy fresh air every day, and four seasons of outdoor activities and adventure from boating, swimming and surfing in the summer to golf and biking in fall and spring, and lots of snow sports (skiing, ice fishing and snowmobiling) in winter in Maine’s mountains and lakes. And Mainers can eat lobster every day and get that fried clam fix whenever they want.

If you are considering relocating to Maine, you have much to coonsider. In a state with just 1.3 million people, the population is small and the land is vast. Geographically, Maine is bigger than the other five New England States combined! The further north in Maine you go, the more space and privacy you will encounter, like the Maine adage – the way life should be, or in this case – the way life used to be.

On the other hand, if you prefer to be social and culturally stimulated, then Southern Maine offers vibrant communities along the seacoast, with Portland being the most civilized and cultured. Portland has become a very colorful city with some of the best restaurants (aka “Foodie” city) on the East Coast, a thriving art and music community, jobs in every sector from technology and construction to fishing, energy and imports.

Southern Maine towns offer historical homes, and old fashioned villages but you are a short drive to Boston and Portsmouth and other major cities. Towns like Kennebunk, KennebunkportWellsOgunquit and York swell in population during the popular summer months of prime tourism, but there is a strong sense of community with flourishing businesses and local clubs and organizations.

Maine music and art festivals occur year round in York, Ogunquit and The Kennebunks and Farmer’s Markets in Maine are the source of the freshest most delicious Maine products from farm to table, providing healthy organic sustainable Maine food.

The school systems and educational opportunities in Maine continue to improve with particular focus on emerging technology, health and medical science and new energy solutions. Some of the Nation’s top colleges are in Maine – Colby, Bates, Bowdoin, The University of Maine system, University of New England and Maine Maritime Academy.

The best part of Maine is the clean air and the beautiful scenery that greets you every day. Mainers are the first to see the sunrise, which gives them opportunity and a spirit you just don’t find elsewhere. So consider moving to Maine and making Vacationland your every day place to live, work and play. 

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