Things to do in Southern Maine During the Winter

snowshoeAnyone living in Maine knows that winter on the Southern Maine Coast can be milder – the sea tempers the cold, and the snow on the coast is magical. For those traveling from a warmer area to Southern Maine for vacation, consider yourselves lucky, and just enjoy beautiful Maine’s winter wonderland! Vacationing in Southern Maine during the winter means you get to enjoy the best of winter – snowy seascapes, ice skating and cross country skiing, sleigh rides and firesides, with the warmth of a fireplace at your inn at day’s end, and a cup of steaming clam chowder or lobster stew. For those escaping to the Southern Maine region during the winter, likely you’re looking to get some action in the great outdoors to get away from it all, without “getting away from it all”. Why not get some ideas on things to do in Southern Maine during the winter from a local?

Outdoor Recreation

You don’t need to vacation in the middle of nowhere to indulge in the glory of Maine’s winter.

Snowshoeing & Cross Country Skiing
Harris Farm, Dayton, ME offers snowshoe and cross-country ski rentals
Mousam Trails: Sanford, ME
Lauholm Farm (Wells National Estuarine Resaerch Preserve), Wells, ME
Ice Skating
Read our previous blog on ice skating areas in Southern Maine

Walk the beach
Uncrowded with sunbathers, walking the beach is perfect during the winter!

Maybe you’re not vacationing in Southern Maine for winter sporting. During Maine’s off season, you really get a more honest taste of the culture. While the population swells with visitors from out of state in the summer, you’ll get a better chance to experience Maine’s warm hospitality meeting the locals.

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