The Ultimate Guide To The Quoddy Loop

Where Is the Quoddy Loop?

The Quoddy Loop surrounds Passamaquoddy (‘pass-uh-muh-‘kwah-dee) Bay, a smaller body of water within the famous Bay of Fundy. 

Quoddy Loop Ferries & Bridge

The Quoddy Loop is a mix of roads, ferries, and bridges that connect all the islands. We’ve gathered all the information in one place to help plan your Quoddy Loop trip.

The “Saints”

You access St. Andrews, St. George, and St. Stephen on the Canadian side. St. Stephen is just across the border from Calais, St. Andrews is on its own peninsula, and St. George is between L’etete and Black Harbour. 

St. Andrew

Just 30 minutes from St. George, you should plan to eat or stay in St. Andrew for one of the most unique New Brunswick seaside experiences. Drive the ocean floor (only at low tide!!) to Ministers Island, and explore hundreds of acres of shoreline with the magnificent Van Horn Estate open for tours.

Conquering the Quoddy Loop

As if two nations, five islands, and nearly a dozen towns aren’t hard enough, it can’t be stressed enough how much you are also at the mercy of the tide when adventuring around the Quoddy Loop.

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