5 BEST Southern Maine Coast Beaches

Fort Foster

Ignore any notion that Kittery only offers resident-only beaches. Fort Foster has some great beaches where even dogs are allowed part of the year. The park has a map showing the beach locations, which is a smart download since mobile service can be spotty. 

Colony Beach

Heading south from Dock Square, you’ll end up in the parking lot for Colony Beach. No beach pass is required, which is a nice excuse to stop here. A jetty offers a tricky path along the water. This stop is ideal for getting some beach time while watching the boats come in and sail out of Kennebunkport’s harbor. 

Willard Beach

Willard Beach provides an immersive sensory experience with boats, buoys, wildlife, and waves nearby. The sandy beach has some rocky areas and an elevated grassy space with views of the Portland Head Lighthouse in the distance. 

Old Orchard Beach

The beach stretches 7 miles here and was once used as an emergency landing strip for famed aviator Charles Lindbergh. As a top beach on the Southern Maine Coast, you’ll want to get here early and not give up your spot.

Fortune’s Rocks Beach

Fortune’s Rocks Beach got its name from the love story of a shipwrecked sailor named Francis Fortune, and now the 2-mile span of sand is still welcoming lovers and families to this day. The curved cove here gets a good surf, making it popular for everything from surfing to boogie boarding. 

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