Boat Tours in Camden Harbor

Located right on Penobscot Bay, Camden is a sailor’s dream. Camden Harbor is home to numerous schooners and tall ships that offer daily sailing tours and excursions. Visitors may choose to charter their own ships, or sail for several days on a majestic ocean vessel, learning to hoist the sails or relaxing on the deck in the cool ocean breezes. 

See a Performance at the Camden Opera House

This 500-seat venue is more than 100 years old and continues to draw visitors for its Victorian-era architecture and details. If you love historic buildings, you’ll be in awe of the large chandeliers, the antique moldings, and even the stenciling. The detail here is immaculate! 

Explore Some of Maine’s Best Beache

Laite Memorial Beach is small but scenic, overlooking beautiful views of Camden Harbor just a short distance from downtown. Laite Beach is part of a grassy park that slopes down to a pebble beach along the water, perfect for searching for shells, sea glass, and other ocean treasures. 

Lighthouses Near Camden Maine

It is worth a day trip to visit one of Camden’s outlying islands, Isleboro, Vinalhaven, North Haven, Isle Au Haut, or the many other smaller islands in the area, accessible by boat or ferry out of Camden Harbor. 

Great Places to Eat in Camden Maine

Camden is also known for its unique restaurants and top Maine chefs. So when you’re ready to grab some food to start the day or you’re hungry after a day of exploring Camden, a whole town’s worth of culinary delights awaits you. 

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