5 Majestic Maine Towns To Visit Before You Die


Houlton Maine is a lesser-known small town that is about to make big headlines since it’s in the path of totality for the 2024 total solar eclipse. It will be the last city in the United States to see the eclipse, and the town has been planning this event for years.


Millinocket touts itself as “Maine’s Biggest Small Town,” but there is so much more to this outdoor paradise. It’s immersed in the North Maine Woods, with epic adventures in all directions.


A trip to Calais (“Cal-ISS”) is an international adventure along the tide-influenced St. Croix River. Visitors can see the water rise and fall nearly 25 feet every 12 hours while soaking in views from the 340-foot-tall Devil’s Head granite bluff of the St. Croix International Historic Site island.


The Downeast delight of Jonesport is surrounded by water on three sides, with a nearby Roque Island still part of the town. A bridge takes you over to Beals Island and then to Great Wass Island, home of an entire preserved island.


Docking in Rockwood opens the door to all the amenities of Moosehead Lake, including Mount Kineo State Park. If it’s not enough that the lake is shaped like a full-antlered moose, it’s also the largest lake in Maine.

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