5 Tasty Portland Maine Restaurants 


Baharat is THE Portland Maine restaurant to get top-notch Mediterranean food. It started out as a food truck and still carries its origins as its inspiration — serving Mediterranean street food in a fun and casual setting. Menu favorites here include falafel, lamb kofta, and many signature cocktails. 


ViA VECCHiA is a small but sophisticated Italian eatery serving authentic cuisine in a historical building in Portland. You’ll find gourmet appetizers, small plates, and entrees, as well as craft beer, wine, and cocktails. This is the perfect spot for a romantic date or an elegant event 

Solo Italiano

Solo Italiano is Portland’s finest farm-to-table Italian restaurant. With a menu that changes every day, Solo Italiano supplies the most cultivated, locally-sourced dishes that use only fresh, seasonal ingredients. You never know what will be served, but you know it will be delicious. 


The restaurant prioritizes locally-sourced ingredients and also features an extensive menu of craft beer, wine, and cocktails. When the weather is pleasant, you’ll find many diners enjoying a meal on the patio!  

Central Provisions

Central Provisions has a history that stretches back to the 19th century. In its modern form, it’s a trendy eatery serving upscale comfort food, snacks, desserts, and more. The restaurant is unapologetically hipster, so you’ll find everything from cheddar curds to oysters to foie gras on the menu.  

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