5 Top Spots for Beachcombing in Maine 

Middle Beach, Kennebunk

Head to the beach between Gooch’s and Mother’s Beaches in Kennebunk. It will stand out because it’s mostly rocks while the others are sandy. This location is said to have some of the best sea glass in the state. Given how narrow this beach is at high tide, you’ll definitely need a low tide adventure. 

Fortune Rocks Beach, Biddeford

While beachcombing has nothing to do with the name, it’s appropriate given how many shells and sea glass options you can find here with clever searching. Park at the beach’s southern end and stick to that area for the best chance at finding sea glass. 

Popham Beach State Park, Phippsburg

Popham Beach makes headlines for the erosion cutting into the expanse of sand, so go while you can. As it’s a state park, you can look, but don’t take the treasures you find. Popham Beach is a natural wonder with expansive tidal flats and sandbars. It’s a hotspot for tidal action and offers numerous tidal pools that often hold abundant sea life and shells. 

Reid State Park Beach, Georgetown

On top of being one of the most stunning beaches you’ve probably never heard of, Reid State Park Beach is big on BIG seashells, and you can easily find huge ones intact. This is also one of the best places in Maine to find driftwood. Surfers love this spot, which means big waves bringing in so many shells. You get a bonus of three beaches to explore. 

Peaks Island, Portland

Peaks Island has great beachcombing, but there’s another hot spot beach explorers won’t want to miss. Head just south of the ferry terminal (oh, yeah, you’ll need to hitch a ferry ride) for the best shells and sea glass at the small Centennial Beach. 

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