The Heart-Warming Story Of Andre The Seal & His Statue In Rockport Maine

Andre’s Life in Rockport Maine

In 1961, Andre was found as a pup off the island of Robinson’s Rock in Penobscot Bay Maine. The young seal was abandoned and seemed in need of care. He was adopted by Harry Goodridge, a local tree surgeon and harbormaster in Rockport.

A Performer to the Core

Andre’s life in Rockport was filled with unique experiences. He was known to swim with the locals, go sledding, splash around in bathtubs, and even watch TV. Goodridge trained him to perform various tricks, such as shaking hands and leaping through a motorcycle tire, which made Andre quite a local star.

A Unique Migration Pattern

Unlike typical seals, which are nonmigratory, Andre developed a unique pattern of migration. In the late fall, Harry would take Andre to an aquarium for the winter. Remarkably, each spring, Andre would return to Rockport, navigating his way back to Harry.

Andre Gains National Attention

Andre became more than just a pet or local attraction — he was a symbol of the town’s community spirit. His presence fostered a sense of unity and pride among the residents. The seal attracted visitors from all over, boosting local tourism and putting Rockport on the map as a getaway destination.

Andre the Seal Statue

East Point Audubon Sanctuary is a small section of coastline located alongside Biddeford Pool. Here, birds of all kinds live and migrate, with more than 260 species making the spot their home. The sanctuary is widely considered one of the best spots for bird-watching in the state of Maine. 

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