About the B-52 Crash Site in Maine

As rare as this crash site might seem, more than 800 military planes crashed in Maine between World War I and the Cold War. In fact, Maine had two plane crashes, each being the “worst in Maine history,” just four hours apart. That was in 1944. The Maine B52 crash site would be another nearly two decades away. 

Maine’s Role in Military Operation

Maine’s location along the coastline provided ideal access to Europe during the wars but also left it vulnerable to enemy attacks. One research study estimates that more than 10,000 military aircraft flew over the Pine Tree State, which doesn’t include training missions. 

The B-52 Crash Maine Will Never Forget

The 1963 nine-man crew had an important mission as they departed Westover Air Force Base at 12:11 p.m. — to test the BUFF at low elevations while avoiding the Soviet’s upgraded radar that now made the B52 a flying target at higher elevations. 

How to Reach the B52 Crash Site Maine Memorial

The trail to the crash site is well-marked and easy to find, a novelty among Maine’s complex logging roads in the remote Highlands region. In fact, the Maine Office of Tourism and the Piscataquis County Chamber of Commerce encourage visitors. 

Things to Do at the B-52 Crash Site in Maine

You are welcome to explore the crash site, where you’ll see parts of the plane scattered over several acres. Elephant Mountain offers stunning vista views of the region as well. Ideally, the hike to the crash site is part of a larger adventure, just soaking in the wildlife, seasonal weather, and wonderful views. 

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