5 Of The Best & Most Beautiful Beaches In Maine

Short Sands Beach

Deceiving in name, Short Sands Beach is densely packed with appeal, boasting a blend of sandy beach with rugged coastline, where impressive waves create a dynamic backdrop.

Sohier Park Lookout

While Sohier Park provides no sand for sunbathing, its view of Nubble Lighthouse is captivating, earning it a spot on the distinguished Voyager II photograph collection. 

Cliffside Pathway: Marginal Way

Not every coastal path leads directly to sandy shores and the cliffside walk known as Marginal Way is a great example. One point of interest visitors don’t want to miss is the public access to a stony waterfront towards the Marginal Way’s northern extremity. 

Laudholm Beach

A hidden gem within the Wells Reserve is the pristine Laudholm Beach, approached through Barrier Beach Trail. The route to this infrequently visited beach unveils diverse ecosystems, expansive low tide views and rich tidepools.

Mother’s Beach

Mother’s Beach is a sanctuary for families, named for its gentle waters that facilitate a safe environment for young swimmers.

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