5 Tips for Enjoying the Carnaval Maine Winter Festival

View Ice Carvers in Action & Admire Their Sculpture

Perhaps one of the most exciting events of this annual festival is the ice carving demonstrations. Artists whose medium is large blocks of ice rely on their loud and fierce carving tools to transform frozen water into fleeting works of art. 

Sip Some Beer From the Best Local Brewers in Maine

Some spaces in the festival are reserved for attendees over the age of 21, and the brew tent is one of those areas. Here, adults can sip frothy, freshly poured brews from some of the best local craft brewers in Maine. 

Dine at Hot Suppa

The best way to warm up during Portland in winter is to indulge in hearty Southern fare from Hot Suppa, a locally-owned restaurant in downtown Portland. Hot Suppa specializes in comfort food and is most well-known for its brunch.

Stay at Blind Tiger

Blind Tiger is a more recent addition to the Portland hotel scene, and it’s ideal for travelers who are looking for a sleek and modern place to stay in the city. 

Plan Your Visit

Carnaval Maine is just one reason to visit Portland during the winter months. The city may be enveloped in a layer of cold and ice by the time winter arrives, but the heart of the community is sure to keep you feeling warm and toasty — no matter what you choose to do. 

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