Fantastic National Parks in Maine

There are 6 National Park Service sites in Maine for you to explore.

Acadia National Park

Adventurers and outdoorsy people will find more than enough to stay entertained between the 158 miles of hiking trails and four amazing campsites.

Saint Croix Island International Historic Site

Located just a 1-hour drive from Roosevelt Campobello International Park, Saint Croix Island is a small, uninhabited island.

Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument

Even though the national monument itself isn’t even 10 years old, the areas surrounding Mount Katahdin have attracted the attention of travelers and explorers for centuries.

Appalachian National Scenic Trail

Of the Appalachian Trail’s 2,000+ miles, many hikers consider the 281 miles in Maine to be some of the most difficult and treacherous.

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