Moxie: It's A Maine Thing, But Is It Great or Gross?

What is Moxie Soda?

The invention of Moxie soda is a fascinating story of a curious medical doctor turned entrepreneur. Dr. Augustin Thompson, a native of Union, Maine, is the creative mind behind this iconic beverage.

The Key to Moxie Soda

The most distinct taste in Moxie is usually referred to as the bitterness, which comes from the gentian root, as mentioned above. Let’s dive a little more into that.

Mixed Opinions on Moxie

Some have expressed uncertainty after trying it, caught in a limbo of liking and disliking the beverage. On the other hand, there are ardent fans who absolutely adore Moxie.

Things to Know Before You Drink Moxie

- Moxie will not be pushed on you like sweet tea is in the South. - Drinking Moxie, no matter how much, will not make you a Mainer.

Celebrate All Things Moxie at Maine’s Moxie Festival

Mr. Moxie was a local legend, having come up with the idea of the Moxie Festival held annually in Lisbon, Maine. 

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