5 People From Maine Who Are Famous

Even if you’ve never set foot in Maine, you’ve likely experienced one of its famous and talented home-grown stars. The VIP list of Mainers spans the big screen, horror novels, the Pulitzer Prize list, and a McDreamy Maine-made man.

Stephen King

You’d have to be hiding in a storm drain with a red balloon to miss the fact that Stephen King is from Maine. He is a Mainer through and through — born in Portland, went to high school in Lisbon Falls, graduated from UMaine, and taught in Hampden, all before moving to Bangor.

Patrick Dempsey

Born in Lewiston in 1966, he maintains strong ties to his hometown. He even got married in Harpswell on a farm once owned by his family but is now open for McDreamy weddings.

Winslow Homer

Maine’s rocky shores, crashing waves, and local fishermen became central themes in his art. His iconic seascapes, such as “The Gulf Stream” and “Weatherbeaten,” are celebrated for their vivid depictions of Maine’s maritime life.

Leon Leonwood Bean

Famous for the Bean boots, L.L. Bean wanted to support all aspects of outdoor adventures. That includes being open 24 hours a day because hunters and anglers get an early start to the day, sometimes after driving all night. “We have thrown away the key to the place,” he said.

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