5 Of The Strangest Events At Maine Festivals

Moxie Festival

One of the most popular contests is Moxie chugging, where competitors must down as many drinks as possible in two minutes.

Damariscotta Pumpkinfest & Regatta

Saying that Damariscotta goes big for pumpkin season is an understatement. The annual festival brings out some of the biggest pumpkins ever grown, some topping 2,000 pounds.

Fryeburg Fair Throwing Contest

The town of Fryeburg really knows how to “throw” a party. The annual Fryeburg Fair dates back to 1851 and runs for eight days.

Yarmouth Clam Festival

The town goes crazy for quahogs, and those who want to come out of their shell can compete in the shucking contest. It’s all about who can shuck a dozen oysters fastest. Unless you’ve tried this before, you should know a small sharp knife is involved. Maybe not a great idea for first-timers.

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