5 Things I Miss Most About Maine

Fall Foliage

Mainers know that fall foliage is a delicate balance of altitude, latitude, and daylight. In Maine, there are regions of fall foliage that unravel the seasonal explosion of colors, starting from Aroostook (aka “The County”) and working its way to the coast.

Moose Sighting

For all the white-knuckled trips I’ve taken down Moose Alley in Maine’s mountains and the North Woods, I can’t even believe this is nostalgic. 

Wild Blueberries

Mainers bow down for wild blueberries. Not in a demigod sense of bowing—you literally have to get on the ground to pick or rake them.

Moxie Drink

Long before you could have a Coke and a smile or take the Pepsi Challenge, Moxie was the first carbonated beverage in America.

Whoopie Pie

Two devil’s food cakes about the size of your palm have buttercream frosting at

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