Unique Drive-In Movie Theaters In Maine

The Saco Drive-In

The Saco Drive-In introduced the novelty of outdoor movie-watching in 1939. It was the first in the state and the second in the country.

Pride’s Corner Drive-In

Pride’s Corner Drive-In is just 7 miles west of Portland and is now 70 years old (Happy Birthday!). The digital transition in the 2010s almost kept the screen dark forever, but after some restructuring and soul-searching, the family kept the tradition alive.

Bridgton Twin Drive-In Theatre

Between Long Lake and Woods Pond in Bridgton, the Bridgton Twin Drive-In Theatre is the only double-screen theater in Maine. Brothers owned both Bridgeton Twin and Pride’s Corner drive-ins from the start.

Skylite Drive-In

Way up in the Crown of Maine, just 1 mile from the Canadian border, the Skylite Drive-In celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2023. 

Narrow Gauge Cinema

I’m unsure if the average “from away” visitor could point to Farmington on a Maine map, but I strongly suggest that you look it up because the Narrow Gauge Cinema and Drive-In break the mold of drive-in theaters.

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