5 Of The Most Unique Roadside Attractions In Maine

Stephen King’s House | Bangor

Until Stephen King moved to Florida, he lived in Bangor at the famous house on Broadway. The grisly gates are still there, and the home is now a writer’s retreat.

B-52 Crash Site | Greenville

You’ll have to drive a little off-road to reach this Greenville (almost) roadside memorial. It’s where the remains of a U.S. Air Force B-52 bomber crashed on Elephant Mountain in 1963.

Andre the Seal | Rockport

And more heartstrings are pulled in nearby Rockport, where the “Andre the Seal” memorial stands. It honors a beloved harbor seal that made Rockport Harbor his home during the 1980s.

World’s Largest Lobster Roll | Woolwich

Just across the Kennebec River from Bath, you’ll find the home of the world’s largest lobster roll. You can’t miss the Taste of Maine because a massive lobster is waiting on the roof. The giant lobster is 70 feet long and 12 feet tall.

Wild Blueberry Land | Columbia Fall

The wild blueberry is the official fruit of Maine and Wild Blueberry Land celebrates all things blueberry, from the oversized blueberry-shaped building to the “Blueberry Store,” which offers a wide array of wild blueberry products.

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