How Mainers Spot Visitors In Beautiful Vacationland 

Mainers don’t put an “uh” in Kennebunkport…

It’s Ken-KNEE-bunk-port and Ken-EE-bunk. Don’t say Kenn-uh-bunk-port unless you want to stand out as from away.

Flatlanders wear lobster bibs. Mainers wouldn’t dare.

Legend has it that the lobster bib actually started as a bet between two restaurant workers to see if they could get a guest excited about wearing a bib. The rest is history.

Flatlanders are dying to see a moose. Mainers are trying to avoid them on the road.

Those from away seem to have an expectation that moose stand on the state line with a Cirque du Moose performance for every passing car. 

Mainers know the tide schedule is as important as the time.

Mainers have the tide schedule engrained in their brains, especially when so much of the state’s livelihood involves lobstering and clamming. Flatlanders have a bad habit of only seizing a moment in time when that island is just 1,000 feet away.

Flatlanders can’t fathom Maine winters.

“It’s beautiful, but how do you get through the winter?” This comment is usually followed by a dramatic shudder.

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