Top 5 Winter Towns In Maine  

Bar Harbor

While renowned for its summer allure, Bar Harbor transforms into a serene winter escape, offering breathtaking views of Acadia National Park blanketed in snow and a quieter, more intimate coastal experience. 

Fort Kent

Fort Kent is widely known for the Can-Am Crown International Dog Sled Races. While the event spans 250 miles, Fort Kent is the heart of the race, and you’d be amazed how many people come to cheer on their favorite musher.


As the saying goes, “Mainers don’t believe in bad weather—just bad clothes.” Freeport’s L.L. Bean Flagship store can help you dress for the seasonal occasion with every outdoor accessory imaginable.


Maybe once upon a time, Kennebunkport might have been a ghost town in winter, but not now. Coming fresh off the Christmas Prelude in December, the Kennebunk Wild Blueberry drops on New Year’s Eve to usher in winter fun.


Portland’s pricepoint increased with its popularity, which can out-price many budget travelers or last-minute planners from summer seaside fun.

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