Winter Nature Walks in Southern Maine

Winter Beach

Many like to spend their winters curled up on the couch next to the fire, sipping on hot chocolate. While that does sound appealing, that’s no way to spend a winter in Maine especially if you’re on vacation. There’s something about nature walks in the winter that dazzles you with beauty and mystery.

Mountains & State Parks

Bradbury Mountain is a hiker’s favorite in Freeport. The short hike to the top is a good excuse to get outside without being exposed to the winter weather for too long. Some sections are a little steep, so prudence is recommended, but the view from the summit is worth the effort.

Bauneg Beg Mountain, while less of a mountain and more like a hill, makes for a great winter hike. In about an hour, you can hike to the summit, take in the view and be back in your vehicle. This conservation area is at the border of Sanford and North Berwick.

As always, when hiking or walking nature trails, you should always wear gear appropriate for the weather and that’s especially so when nature walking during the winter.

Walking Trails

If the effort of hiking isn’t really your cup of tea, you can take a drive over to Mackworth Island in Falmouth. Just 15 minutes outside of Portland, island is very popular with locals and tourists alike where you have a short, one mile trail around the island with lovely views of Casco Bay.

There is also the Back Cove Trail in Portland, that contours Back Bay, for a 3.5 mile loop passing Payson Park and leads to the Old Port. Nearby Back Bay is also the Eastern Prom that offers a short walk, but scenic views of the ocean and Portland Harbor.

Kennebunkport has a Conservation Trust with walking trails, beautiful, natural, just be aware mountain bikers use these trails also.

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