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Top 6 Places to Go Snow Tubing in Maine This Winter

For centuries, sledding has been one of those irresistible winter activities. There’s something carefree and childlike about hopping on a sled — whether it’s a homemade contraption or a state-of-the-art model — and flying down a hill on a cold winter day.

Knowing that sledding is a wonderful and thrilling excursion, Mainers decided to kick it up a notch with snow tubing in Maine. It combines the best of sunshine-filled summer days when you are soaring on the waves in a tube with the exhilarating feeling of whipping down a sled hill.

Maine snow tubing has increased in popularity in recent years, and there are many places to try out this action-packed winter activity. Here are a few snow tubing parks to check out.

Snow Tubing

Black Mountain Ski Resort in Rumford

Throughout most of the year, Rumford Maine is a quiet New England town that is easy to pass by. In the winter, though, this quaint little city comes to life because of its famed Black Mountain Ski Resort.

This resort is considered one of the top skiing destinations on the west side of the state, but there’s more to this resort than just downhill skiing.

Black Mountain Ski Resort also offers snow tubing in Maine. During a typical season, snow tubing is available on the weekends for specific hours.

The snow tubing runs are notoriously family friendly, so this spot is a favorite among those who want to bring young children along for the ride. With two different chutes to choose from, you can have a blast enjoying the experience that works best for you and your group.

To go snow tubing at Black Mountain, you need to purchase a ticket for a specified date. Your ticket allows you to go snow tubing for the entire day rather than just an hour or two. So, you can take your time, enjoy the experience, and check out everything the ski resort has to offer.

Camden Snow Bowl - Camden, Maine
Camden Snow Bowl | photo via Erik Hansen

Camden Snow Bowl in Camden

The Camden Snow Bowl is a massive winter recreational attraction in the heart of MidCoast Maine, and it offers guests the ability to try out just about any winter activity that they want — including tubing.

The managers of the snow bowl open part of the mountain to create a tubing hill, which will allow guests to go snow tubing throughout the winter season.

Keep in mind that the Camden Snow Bowl offers a back-to-basics, old-school snow tubing experience. It isn’t a fancy hill with glittering lights and an automatic escalator that will bring the tube back to the top for you. You have to pick up your tube and walk it all the way up the hill to slide back down.

There are some rules and restrictions for the tubing hill. Only one person can ride on a tube at a time, so you must be at least 5 years old and 42 inches tall. Participants can purchase tickets that will cover a snow tube rental as well as an hour of tubing.

Given that you will be exposed to the elements and there are no heating stations nearby, it’s important to dress for the New England winter weather that you might experience.

Snow Tubing

Bradbury Mountain in Pownal

One of the only places where you can enjoy free snow tubing in Maine is Bradbury Mountain in Pownal.

The famed Maine outdoor equipment provider L.L. Bean has sponsored free snow tubing sessions at Bradbury Mountain State Park, so snow tubing enthusiasts who want to get a great deal on their favorite experience will be delighted.

To take advantage of the free snow tubing on Bradbury Mountain, head to the state park on Sundays in January and February. Not only can you access the hill for free, but you also will receive sanitized equipment for a safe and enjoyable ride.

Locals report that this is one of the best regions in the state for snow tubing and other winter outdoor activities, including cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. You won’t regret making the effort to try it out this season, especially if you are new to snow tubing or just visiting Maine for a long winter weekend.

Snow Tubing

Seacoast Adventure in Windham

Perhaps one of the most well-known and popular places to go snow tubing in Maine is Seacoast Adventure in Windham. It is practically an outdoor winter amusement park, with plenty of fun things for people of all ages to enjoy.

Most people who go here have their minds set on snow tubing down the incredible hills. As a result of this popularity, tickets for snow tubing can be difficult to get.

Generally speaking, the best way to secure tickets for snow tubing at Seacoast Adventure is to purchase them online in advance. Tickets become available about two or three days in advance, and you can book directly through the park.

You can buy tickets for two-hour time blocks, but pick quickly — there are only a limited number of tickets available per session. When you are booking, you have the choice between a single tube or a double tube that is designed for one adult and one child, which allows you to customize the experience for your family. There’s even an opportunity to experience night tubing!

The good news is that the park limits the number of tickets to ensure that everyone has plenty of space to enjoy the hills. Seacoast Adventure knows that there are a lot of people who want to go snow tubing, but they also recognize that crowded hills make for a less-than-stellar experience.

By purchasing tickets in advance for your desired time slot, you are sure to have the best possible time at this snow tubing hill in Maine.

Lost Valley Ski Area - Auburn, Maine
Lost Valley Ski Area | photo via @brendarham

Lost Valley Ski Area in Auburn

The Lost Valley Ski Area in Auburn Maine has long been known as a starter ski destination — it’s the perfect place for families and new skiers to learn and practice their skills before they take on more challenging slopes.

As a result, the ski area has developed into a welcoming wintertime destination, and it has added additional activities to enhance each person’s experience. Snow tubing is one of the most popular activities.

At this resort, you can purchase tickets for one-hour snow tubing sessions at the Maine Family Snow Tube Park. Similar to other snow tubing destinations in Maine, you must purchase your tickets online in advance because there are a limited number of snow tubers allowed on the hills at one time.

While you might have to put in a little more effort to get your tickets, you will find that it’s worthwhile. You can choose between daytime snow tubing on Saturdays and Sundays or Friday evening snow tubing under the lights.

The snow tube lanes span for more than 600 feet, and with only a limited number of people allowed at any given time, you are sure to get plenty of chances to glide down the lanes. Before you purchase tickets for this experience, keep in mind that all participants must be at least 42 inches tall.

BigRock Mountain - Mars Hill, Maine
BigRock Mountain | photo via @zellbeing

BigRock Mountain in Mars Hill

BigRock Mountain resort is one of the most innovative and accessible ski destinations in Maine. Located in Mars Hill, this attraction sets itself apart by being a non-profit organization that works to provide all people in Maine with the opportunity to enjoy the fresh winter air and the thrill of outdoor activities.

The resort offers snow tubing sessions to anyone over the age of 5 years old who is at least 42 inches tall. On the weekends, participants can select a time to go snow tubing.

There are two, two-hour sessions each day, allowing you to pick from some morning runs or afternoon fun. Plus, the tubes are towed, which makes it a little bit easier for the youngest participants to enjoy the experience.

As with most snow tubing destinations in Maine, you will need to listen to the safety instructions before you begin. However, once you have all of the information you need, you will be all set for a day of snow-filled fun in Maine.

Lost Valley Ski Area - Auburn, Maine
Lost Valley Ski Area | photo via @brendarham

Let’s Go Snow Tubing in Maine

Snow tubing is one of the best fun winter activities in Maine that anyone of any age will find inviting and exciting. Young children love to fall into fits of giggles with their parents as they hop into a tube and slide down the hill, while teenagers and young adults find it to be the child-like escape that they need.

These are just a few of the best places to go snow tubing in Maine. Other destinations include Sunday River (on the Sundance Trail) and Hermon Mountain Ski Area. With so many opportunities to go snow tubing in Maine, you are sure to find a spot that will work for your winter itinerary.

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