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15 Breathtaking Waterfalls in Maine to Explore This Year

Maine is a state that is known for its natural beauty, history, and delicious food. In addition to a litany of gorgeous lighthouses and delicious seafood dishes, there are hundreds of waterfalls in Maine to enjoy.

In general, the best time of year to see these waterfalls is during the spring. That is when the snow begins to melt, providing plenty of extra water to fuel the falls and make them easier to spot — you can hear them from a long way away.

As you plan your trip to Maine, check out some of these top Maine waterfalls!

Presumpscot Falls Park-Falmouth
Presumpscot Falls Park | photo via nicolas0764

Presumpscot Falls


If you are looking for a waterfall that is easy to get to, you may want to visit Presumpscot Falls. A trail leads from Presumpscot Falls Park to a scenic overlook where you can view the falls. On the other hand, you can follow the trails from Oat Nuts Park and Presumpscot River Preserve to the falls.

The Oat Nuts Park Trail is only 2.5 miles long (out and back), making this a perfect waterfall to explore for families with children. If you are looking for a leisurely walk through the woods that leads to a gorgeous, picturesque waterfall, then you should consider exploring Presumscot Falls.

Angel Fall-West Central Franklin
Angel Fall | photo via eisenhaur_photography

Angel Falls

West Central Franklin

One of the most iconic waterfalls in Maine is called Angel Falls. It is situated in Franklin County, and the falls themselves are supplied by Mountain Brook.

Locals often refer to this waterfall as Angel Wing Falls. As the water rolls down the rocks, it looks like an angel. Then, as the water expands as it gets closer to the bottom, it looks like a pair of wings.

The falls is approximately 90 feet tall, making this one of the larger waterfalls in the area. There is a short hiking trail that makes the waterfall easier to reach, but make sure that you wear reliable shoes because the rocks can get a bit slippery.

Screw Auger Falls

North Oxford

Another popular waterfall in Maine is called Screw Auger Falls. It is part of Grafton Notch State Park and is located relatively close to Sunday River Ski Resort in Newry.

Unlike many of the other waterfalls in Maine, which may require a significant hike, Screw Augur Falls has a small walking path that is even wheelchair accessible.

The waterfall itself is approximately 23 feet, but don’t hesitate to journey along the length of the Bear River as well. You might want to explore some smaller cascades.

Grand Falls-West Forks
Grand Falls | photo via mikemiller763

Grand Falls

West Forks

While the Grand Falls is not nearly as tall as the other waterfalls in Maine, it is still very beautiful. The waterfall itself is only 40 feet tall, but it spans about 120 feet of the Dead River. The river is responsible for supplying it with water, and it is gorgeous throughout the entire year.

This waterfall is also one of the easier ones to get to in the local area. A convenient dirt road leads to a hiking path that makes its way up to the waterfall.

While you might be able to swim in the rivers that supply other Maine waterfalls, that is not permitted in the Dead River. The water current is extremely powerful, and you could get swept downriver. Nevertheless, it is a gorgeous site that you will not want to miss.

Dunn Falls-Andover
Dunn Falls | photo via zacchristie_photography

Dunn Falls


Situated in Oxford County, Dunn Falls is supplied by the Ellis River. The falls themselves are divided into two sections. There is an upper section, which has a drop of approximately 70 feet, and a lower section, which has a drop of approximately 80 feet.

The lower portion is enclosed by rock walls, creating a waterfall that is the shape of a half-moon. It doesn’t make the waterfall any harder to spot, but the entire section does have a moderately difficult hiking path that you will need to navigate.

The trail is marked, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost, but there is a significant elevation change. You will want to explore these waterfalls when there is plenty of water to supply them, so you should visit in the spring.

Gulf Hagas WaterFalls


Gulf Hagas gorge is one of the most interesting places to explore in Maine. It is frequently called the Grand Canyon of the East, and the Gulf Hagas Falls are supplied by the Pleasant River and other small waterways.

Even though it might not necessarily have the tallest waterfalls, there are several waterfalls near each other — Screw Auger, Buttermilk, Billings, and Stair Falls. This makes the area incredibly eye-catching, particularly when everything is combined with the beautiful scenery in the area.

The hike is approximately 8 miles, so it is quite a challenge to get to. You might be in the mood to swim after such a long hike, so wear a bathing suit. While the best time to visit the falls is during the spring, the current is generally stronger during this time, so you need to be careful.

Hays Brook Falls

Some visitors might be looking for a waterfall that is a bit off the beaten path, and if that is the case, you will definitely want to explore Hays Brook Falls. The waterfall is approximately 28 feet tall, and it is not visited by a lot of people during the year.

The waterfall is supplied by Hays Brook, and it is located relatively close to the Gulf Hagas Trail. Because the waterfall is so secluded, you may want to spend some extra time relaxing near the river with a picnic lunch.

Houston Brook Falls-Pleasant Ridge Plantation
Houston Brook Falls | photo via ereborphotography_maine

Houston Brook Falls


Next, you may want to explore Houston Brook Falls as well. The waterfall itself is approximately 32 feet, and as the water spills down the rocks, it may look like a bunch of animal tails.

The waterfall is only about 10 minutes from the main road, and the hike is not too challenging. If you visit during a quieter time of the year, you may be able to swim in the waterfall because the water level will be lower.

On the other hand, if you visit during the spring when the water level is higher, swimming is highly discouraged.

There is a lot of mist in this area, so it can make it harder for you to see. Make sure that you wear appropriate shoes and step carefully as you get closer to the waterfall.

Autumn color at Moxie Falls, near The Forks, Maine
Moxie Falls

Moxie Falls

West Forks

If you are looking for a beautiful picture, make your way to Moxie Falls. Located in Somerset County, the waterfall is more than 90 feet. The area is relatively remote, which makes it a bit harder to get to, but a lot of visitors love to take pictures, particularly during spring weekends.

A trailhead is located along Moxie Road, which makes the waterfall easier to find. If you visit during the spring, all of the trees and flowers in the area will be in bloom, and the colors will contrast beautifully with the clear water.

You are generally allowed to swim under the waterfall, but you will want to wear appropriate hiking shoes because the rocks can be a bit slippery.

Alder Stream Falls

Franklin County

The Alder Stream Falls are divided into two sections. The upper portion is approximately 20 feet tall and looks like a single cascade right to the bottom. The lower portion is approximately 25 feet tall and takes the form of gradual cascades.

The waterfall is relatively easy to get to from the parking lot. There are some steep areas, but there is a rope you can grab to assist with the climb. You must be very careful not to lose your footing, and that is why you should think carefully about the shoes you wear.

Swimming is not allowed at this waterfall because of the safety risk that it presents. The best time of year to check it out is between May and October.

Step Falls-Newry
Step Falls | photo via pixiegypsynm

Step Falls


This waterfall is unique because the water doesn’t take a rapid descent all at once. Located in Step Falls Preserve, it is approximately 250 feet high, and numerous rocks gradually work their way to the bottom. The water comes from Wight Brook, so you might also hear this waterfall called Wight Brook Falls.

The hike is approximately 20 minutes long, and signs on the trail make sure that you do not get lost. During the summer, you may want to wade in the water to cool off.

Cascade Stream Gorge Trail-Sandy River
Cascade Stream Gorge Trail | photo via munjoyboy

The Cascades

Sandy River

The Cascades is among the most popular waterfalls in Maine. It is divided into three sections, and the sections gradually get larger as you work your way down Cascade Stream.

You can swim at the bottom, but you are not permitted to swim at the top. There is a hike to get to the area, and you will be surrounded by tall cliffs on your way up. You may even feel like you are hiking through a tunnel.

The falls can change shape significantly depending on the time of year you visit, so you may want to consider coming back in the future to see how the appearance changes.

Smalls Falls-Rangeley
Smalls Falls | photo via cherisebasye

Smalls Falls

Near Rangeley

Smalls Falls has become popular because of everything around it. The falls themselves are about 54 feet tall, and the water comes from the Sandy River.

When you get to the waterfall, you will see a bunch of secluded swimming holes, plenty of gorgeous rocks, and loud falls. The water will also change color depending on the rocks behind it. You will probably notice orange, ivory, beige, green, and brown rocks at different times.

Plus, the area has plenty of public bathrooms and picnic tables, so you are welcome to stay and relax for a while if you like.

Little Wilson Falls-Elliotsville Township
Little Wilson Falls | photo via patrickhigginsphoto

Little Wilson Falls

Elliotsville Township

Little Wilson Falls is divided into three sections. The top waterfall is the largest, followed by the bottom section, and then the middle section is the smallest.

The waterfall is located just off the Appalachian Trail, and it is supplied by Little Wilson Stream. This beautiful waterfall has plenty of gorgeous scenery, and it is most active during the spring.

You are able to swim underneath the bottom section of the waterfall, but you are not allowed to swim at the top.

Snow Falls

West Paris

Snow Falls is approximately 25 feet tall. It looks like a bunch of cascades and plunges as it works its way down. The falls is supplied by the Little Androscoggin River. Because of the chaotic nature of the waterfall, swimming is not allowed.

The area around the waterfall has some public toilets and picnic tables, so you can relax. Also, there are parking spaces nearby. The entire area is fenced in, so it is a great location for families with children who are looking for waterfalls to reach easily.

Explore the Natural Beauty of Waterfalls in Maine

There are plenty of beautiful waterfalls in Maine that you may want to explore, so consider putting them on a map to see as many of them as possible. Then, don’t forget to check out some of the other top attractions in Maine.

Since the state is a popular vacation destination, we recommend booking your Maine lodging ahead of time. You can even plan to visit some of the best restaurants in Maine.

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