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Ultimate Guide to The Best Maine Wedding Caterers

Maine is known for its many whimsical bed and breakfasts and charming inns — the perfect setting for a small, intimate wedding. Often, brides and grooms rent out entire B&Bs or inns for their wedding parties, providing an exclusive and relaxing wedding celebration.

The antique charm of Maine’s inns brings a familiar feeling that will make any wedding special. Everything from the rehearsal dinner to the vows and the reception can be taken care of with the help of knowledgeable and friendly innkeepers.

Choosing a wedding caterer in Maine is an important touch to make your wedding day perfect.  After all, great food and drink are a significant part of what makes your big day so special. For years, your wedding guests and family should be raving about the wonderful lobster canapes served during cocktail hour. Or, they could remember the reception that didn’t have enough food — can you say, “wedding faux pas?”

Maine has many quality professional wedding catering companies that will help you create the wedding menu of your dreams — from the specialty cocktails right down to the main dish, even making everything match the theme of your wedding.

Featured Maine Wedding Caterers

About Wedding Caterers in Maine

Some couples may be inclined to curb wedding expenses by not hiring a wedding caterer and making the wedding menu and food on their own. Unless you plan to elope, this is a recipe for disaster — if you will pardon the food pun.

Hiring a professional catering company may seem like an unnecessary cost, but it’s the way to go if you want your wedding to be seamless without your wedding party in the kitchen. Even planning a small wedding can be an enormous undertaking. Allowing professional caterers to coordinate and prepare this very important aspect of your wedding is a smart choice.

Plus, it beats the groom flipping burgers in his tux instead of dancing with his bride. Additionally, frugal couples may want to look into affordable wedding venues to cut down on costs.

Types of Catering

Maine has elegant award-winning catering teams that can create gourmet sit-down, multicourse meals with wine pairings. Best of all, you can find affordable caterers that will work with your budget to create a fun, delicious, and casual menu. For instance, a beach-themed barbeque will likely be less expensive than baked, steamed, or stuffed lobster for each guest.

Catering Tips & Food Options

When you meet with your wedding caterer, you can discuss the pros and cons of a sit-down, plated meal, a buffet, or hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, for example. With your budget in mind, you can choose salmon seviche served in individual martini glasses or pigs in a blanket — both are delicious, just different. Caterers can cater (hence the name) to your tastes and checkbook, providing a reception in accordance with a luxury wedding or a unique wedding theme.

Maine catering companies tend to work closely with local purveyors to include organic native produce, meat, and seafood — including Maine blueberries and maple syrup — to make your food uniquely Maine and memorable.

Also, caterers help with many details beyond the food, bar set, and Champagne toast. They can provide and set up tents, chairs, tables with linens, and place settings. All these details need to be addressed, and caterers are the experts with these items on hand or easily attainable. This is better than you running around borrowing, cleaning, and then returning chairs from neighbors.

Linekin Bay Resort - Wedding Catering
Wedding Catering | via Linekin Bay Resort

Find a Caterer for Your Maine Wedding

When you make Maine the setting of your wedding ceremony and reception, you know that the catering and food selections will be special — from the fresh seafood or lobster to the Maine brews served at the bar. You can even find Maine caterers that will host Downeast lobster bakes.

On top of that, Maine is home to some fabulous bakeries that make beautiful wedding cakes — which are more like edible art — whether you choose a beach theme or something more traditional.

Choose your wedding caterer to make the wedding of your dreams come true and to make memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

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