Desert of Maine in Freeport

What most visitors and even many residents may not be aware of, is that Maine is home to quite a remarkable natural wonder. No, it’s not Mount Desert Island, however that would be a decent guess. In fact, this natural wonder is located right here in Southern Maine, known as the Desert of Maine. I know what you’re thinking: “There’s a desert in Maine?!”

Freeport SignWhat was once known as Tuttle Farm in the 1700s, over-farming throughout the years had resulted in a massive erosion that exposed an ancient sand deposit–remnants of the Ice Age glaciers. Bordering the outskirts of Freeport, the Desert of Maine is just under 20 minutes from the city of Portland. For those touring the coast of Maine or vacationing in the area, this natural landmark is certainly worth a visit. Open May through October, visitors of this curious natural landmark pay a small admission fee. The estate offers a place for picnics, convenient store, nature walks along Giant Sand Dunes, as well as Tour Rides through the glacial desert.

If you’re wondering where to bring the kids, the Desert of Maine is a great option. There are plenty of things for the kids to do between visiting the Butterfly Room, which keep assortments of live butterflies. The nature trails are marked, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. You can also take your kids to the Desert of Maine gift shop where you can pick up Maine crafted souvenirs or watch Sand Artists live at work.

This isn’t just a place for nature lovers–for adults looking for things to do, the Desert of Maine also hosts a disc golf course open to the public for an additional fee. Disc golf tournaments are held here as well.

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