Exploring Haunted Inns and Lighthouses in Maine

Don’t we all love a chilling tale of spirits, ghosts and haunting? In Maine, there are stories of souls that spirit century old inns and lurk in the lighthouses intended to keep us safe. Many of the historic homes along the coast in York, Kennebunkport and Rockland, even Down East, are thought have ghosts – lost ship captains, heartbroken widows and tragic characters not prepared to part from our earthly existence.

Ever since my family stayed in an historic home on the ocean in Kennebunkport, we believe in ghosts. An ethereal lady with a long blue dress and wispy blond hair appeared one night to our 4 year old son, she read him a book then disappeared into thin air. Our babysitter was terrified, our local police were mystified, as a mother I was fearful, but she was a friendly ghost – she picked my son’s favorite book in fact. Interestingly, this spirit was also seen at the nearby oceanfront Shawmut Inn (see below) taunting a housekeeper from a rooftop balcony before vanishing.

What causes spirits and hauntings? And are they real or a figment of fantasy? There are many theories about ghosts, many movies too. If your curious is piqued on the paranormal, here are Maine inns and bed and breakfasts, even lighthouses and playhouses that are allegedly haunted… you decide. Sleep in a historic four-poster bed and await your paranormal visitor. Walk the dark halls and sense the haunting, if you dare:

1799 Kennebunk Inn has at least one, maybe two ghosts who move glasses and make noise, rumored to be the owner and clerk from several decades gone by.


Captain Fairfield Inn in Kennebunkport may be haunted by Captain James Fairfield himself, but apparently he doesn’t scare away the guests.

Tides Inn on Goose Rocks Beach (or Goose Bumps Beach – funny) in Kennebunkport Maine is said to be haunted by the 1899 inn owner Emma.

Captain Lord Mansion was built by shipyard workers for Captain Nathaniel Lord in 1812, but he died before its completion. The ghost in Wysteria, now the Lincoln bedroom, is rumored to be his wife, seen dressed in Victorian clothing.

captain lord mansion kennebunkport

The Shawmut Inn in Kennebunkport, Maine is no longer, but several people saw the blonde lady in a long blue dress. According to local lore, its the wife of the owner- he was gay and killed himself. She was also spotted in the house next door where he committed suicide.

The Museums of Old York is host to a white-haired witch thought to haunt the old Town Hall.

The Ogunquit Playhouse, the Biddeford City Theatre and the Opera House at Boothbay Harbor are all rumored to be haunted with eerie sounds, voices and unexplained flickering lights.


Boon Island Light, located six miles from shore, is a lighthouse of legend and lore and gore…cannibalism and more.

Seguin Island Lighthouse is host to a ghost with a heart breaking tale of the lighthouse keeper that killed his wife for her repetitious piano playing. Guess he got tired of that song.

Seguin Island

Haunted Hitchhiker on Route 26 in Poland – there is a ghost hitchhiker occasionally spotted on the road, a young lady in a prom or wedding dress – locals believe she was killed in a 1930s car accident.

More paranormal in Poland Maine, Poland Spring Resort is allegedly spirited by the original owner who walks the halls.

Admiral Peary Inn in Fryeburg may be frequented by a young girl Annabelle.


1794 Watchtide by the Sea in Searsport has closed its door as an inn, perhaps because the ghost scared the guests.

Captain Lindsey House Inn in Rockland has a ghost or two that slams door, and disturbs the bed – though not whittle the guest are sleeping in them at least.

The 1898 Berry Manor Inn also in Rockland may have three Victorian era lady ghosts.

LimeRock Inn was home to a doctor in Rockland and his dead patients can supposedly be seen in the stairwell and parlor.


Fort William Henry in Colonial Pemaquid in Bristol is said to be haunted by the Native American Chief Taukolexis who was hanged here in a tree in 1696.

The East Wind Inn in Tenant’s Harbor is said to have spirits, and we don’t mean drinks at the bar. Stay there if you dare.

The 1804 Coach Stop Inn in Bar Harbor has ghosts with childlike voices that lock doors and flicker lights.

The Lucerne Inn in Dedham is allegedly spirited since a murder suicide that took place here prompted by adultery.


Harpswell Harbor has a famous phantom ship that John Greenleaf Whittier called “The Dead Ship of Harpswell” in 1866.

Greenville Inn at Moosehead Lake has reports of unexplained voices, tap dancing and some have seen the vision of a beautiful lady – but like most people at Moosehead she appears to be friendly.

On Brownville Road in Millinocket, the White Lady is sometimes seen walking the dark roads – legend has it she’s looking for her newlywed groom, after the couple’s car crash in 1950.


And those are only the Maine ghost we know about. How many other haunted houses, inns, bnbs and lighthouses in Maine have not yet been claimed? If you like the idea of staying in a haunted inn, you may want to book a room (that may already be occupied –creepy laugh) and put your brave PJs on and await the presence of the unknown. Be a ghost buster on the coast. Come to Maine, enjoy the apparitions and unexplained…. insert scary music here.

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