Wells, Maine, USA: March 4th, 2018: Nor’easter storm waves crash over the seawall and flood beach houses along the coast in Wells, Maine.

Hurricane Lee is About to Hit Maine. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Hurricane Lee Guide for Maine

Maine is no stranger to fierce storms like hurricanes and nor’easters, and no matter what Hurricane Lee brings, the resilient people of New England are ready. 

We know how beloved Maine is for our readers, and whether you’re a Mainer, have loved ones there, or just want to keep an eye on your favorite destination, we want to give you the tools you need to stay informed. 

Latest Weather Updates for Hurricane Lee

You can keep up with the latest official forecasts through Maine’s National Weather Service offices and television stations throughout Maine. 

NWS Gray/Portland

NWS Caribou

Television Stations in Portland

Television Stations in Bangor

Television Station in Presque Isle

You find the social media links, app downloads, and live streams on the television station websites. 

How Often Do Hurricanes Happen in Maine?

A direct hit from a hurricane in Maine is rare. The last hurricane in Maine was Hurricane Gerda in 1969. Any powerful hurricane usually gets zapped by the cold waters of the Atlantic, but that doesn’t mean storms can’t do serious damage. It also means Mainers aren’t going to panic but smartly prepare and recover from the storm.

Even the most notable tropical system in “recent” years was in 1991. Does anyone remember Hurricane Bob? Nor’easters are more common, and many of you know the Christmas storm of 2022 caused near-historic high tide along the Maine coastline. With the soggy summer Maine saw, another big concern is the oversaturation of the ground with Hurricane Lee. 

WATCH: Hurricanes Carola & Edna in Maine 1954

Safety Resources for Hurricane Lee in Maine

Here are some hurricane safety links. 

Maine Hurricane Evacuation Dashboard: Interactive map with evacuation zones and routes in Maine.

National Hurricane Center: Tracking all tropical weather with updates every six hours (Starting daily at 5:00 a.m. EDT)

National Hurricane Center Storm Surge Information: Important information about storm surge watches and warnings. 

NOAA NWS Hurricane Center YouTube: Video updates and forecast every six hours.  

NHC FAQ List: Information about hurricanes, tropical activity, impacts, risks, and terminology.

FEMA Hurricane Safety Information: Supply lists, home safety, etc. 

FEMA Before, During, and After Brochure: Downloadable form to share with loved ones. 

NOAA Weather Radio

211 Maine: Searchable database for services by area, situation, keyword, town, or zip code.

Check the Status of Open Shelters: If/when emergency shelters open, there will be a list here.

Flood Risk Maps: To see the areas most prone to flooding.

Best Emergency Management Accounts to Follow for Hurricane Lee in Maine

Maine has a robust series of emergency management agencies throughout each county that work with MEMA to provide up-to-date information online and on social media. 

Androscoggin County

Aroostook County

Cumberland County

Franklin County

Hancock County

Kennebec County

Knox County

Lincoln County

Oxford County

Penobscot County

Piscataquis County

Sagahahoc County

Somerset County

Waldo County

Washington County

York County

Law Enforcement Links

You’re likely going to get faster information on social media sites for law enforcement dealing with the effects of the storm. Most of the cities, towns, and villages use Facebook as the fastest way to communicate. Here’s a list of some of the most active accounts across Maine. 

Transportation Links for Hurricane Lee in Maine

Whether you’re coming, going, or just curious, you can stay on top of the planes, trains, roads, and rails as the storm moves through. We’ve seen a lot of questions about Sunday and Monday travel impacts, so bookmark these links to help you plan your next Maine adventure. 

To check road conditions statewide, use New England 511



Amtrak Downeaster



Utility Links for Hurricane Lee in Maine

You can check the status of power and service to any region in Maine. Many communities are planning for outages from minimal to extensive, and each utility site offers safety and supply information. 

These links also help if you can’t get in touch with a loved one and want to see if power outages could be the reason why. 

Major Attractions in the Path of Hurricane Lee in Maine

Closures can change at any time, but widespread blanket closures aren’t likely, barring a sudden development of the storm. Here are some of the top places to check for closures, cancellations, or delays. 

How to Watch Hurricane Lee in Maine

Keep an eye on the storm from the state’s harbor, beach, and resort cameras. Please note that the links are active at the time of this publication but could be knocked out during the storm. 

VisitMaineNet Resource Guide

Keep this information bookmarked in case you or someone you love needs it for the next storm or even to check the weather for your next trip to Vacationland. Stay safe, everyone!

If you can safely send us your photos of the storm, you can do so here.

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