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Maine’s Scenic Plane Rides, Glider Rides, And Biplanes

Imagine seeing Maine’s coast with a bird’s eye view. Maine is home to several air tour companies that offer just that – scenic flights – providing the opportunity to take to the skies and see the rocky shoreline, the beaches and lighthouses, or the mountains and lakes of Maine’s inland beauty from above.

You can charter your own flight with a licensed pilot and fly over your favorite Maine beach, or soar above the mountain tops to see the spectacular fall foliage in all its brilliance.

Most scenic airplane rides are perfect for a private solo flight or two passengers, your pilot will take you high above the land so you can fly like an eagle and have the best vantage point for pictures and breathtaking panoramas.

Acadia Air Tours

For vintage airplane lovers, a scenic biplane ride conjures the history of aviation along with the thrill of an open air cockpit. Biplanes offer unobstructed views of the land and sea below with the rush of fresh Maine air. Acadia Air Tours in Bar Harbor offers Biplane rides over Mount Desert Island – certainly the best way to see the vastness of Acadia National Park.

If the silence of soaring like an eagle over islands, lakes and the sea appeals to you – then you must go for a Maine glider ride. Once you and your glider pilot are released from your pull plane, you float silently high above the earth in your glider, riding the wind like a bird.

The only sound is the wind speed over your expansive glider wings. The scenery is unbeatable and the excitement of soaring over land and sea is unmatched. If you seek the thrill of some airplane acrobatics, your glider pilot can do loop de loops too.

Glider Plane

Sunset is a beautiful time to take to the skies for a scenic airplane ride. If you are an avid leaf peeper, there is no better way to see Maine’s fall foliage than from a private airplane ride. A lighthouse tour by plane is another popular flight. Once you have flown in a glider, and toured Maine in a scenic bi-plane, you may be ready for sky diving next.

Acadia Air Tours – Scenic Airplane, Biplane and Glider Rides over Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park.

Fly in an historic biplane over Acadia National Park, enjoy a bird’s eye view of lighthouses, Bar Harbor and the spectacular summer cottages on the island. Or choose the more serene soaring of a glider with your licensed pilot as you ride with the wind above Mount Desert Island, Frenchman’s Bay and the dramatic shoreline. All our scenic plane rides depart from Bar Harbor Airport with licensed pilots. This is the most exciting and extraordinary way to see Maine.

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