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Maine weather can be as dramatic as the changing seasons, providing ever changing splendid scenery on the coast and in the lakes and mountains regions. Visitors flock to the top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia to watch sun rise and set, and Mt. Battie in Camden to watch the weather roll in as it comes across Penobscot Bay. Rising suns, rolling thunderheads, blustering winds or snowstorms can happen around the state all at once.

Mt. Battie-camden-sunset

While summer in the South Eastern states usually brings high temperatures and unbearable humidity, Mainers are enjoying much cooler weather on the coast. The breezes off the Atlantic Ocean are refreshing and enjoyable when temperatures peak.

Average summer highs in Maine are usually in the 80s, while night temperatures can fall as low as the 50s on summer nights. Summer water temperatures usually stay in the low 60s, great for cooling off after sunbathing or playing on the sand. Summer weather in Maine is ideal, as the days are long, warm and beautiful, but temperatures drop at night to cool things down and make for comfortable sleeping.


Further inland, temperatures still remain cool due to Maines northern location and breezes off of nearby lakes. Way up north in the Maine highlands, temperatures can vary greatly depending on where you are. While the ground may seem warm, a climb up Mt. Katahdin may bring temperatures way down.

The fall in Maine attracts many visitors who come to view the gorgeous foliage and changing colors. Early to mid fall temperatures average in the high 60s and low 70s, perfect weather for walking, biking, kayaking and plenty of other outdoor activities. Inns and lodges start lighting cozy fires in fireplaces on cool crisp fall evenings. 


In the winter, Maine is home to some of the best snow in New England making it one of the top ski destinations at ski resorts like Sugarloaf, Sunday River and Saddleback. You never know what you will get on a Maine ski mountain, from calm crisp mornings to snowstorms to beautiful sunshine and glistening snow, even warm sunny spring skiing come April.


Sugarloaf is often the last ski resort to close in New England in late April or May. Average winter temperatures are usually in the teens or low 20s, but can fall to single digits. Annual snow falls on the Southern Maine Coast can reach over 70 inches, while Northern Maine may get over 100 inches of fresh snow in a season!

While Maine gets plenty of snow, our ski resorts pride themselves on having some of the best snowmaking in New England, particularly at Sunday River where they boast over 1,700 snow guns.There are plenty of things to do during any season in Maine.

They say if you don’t like the weather in Maine, stay another day. Weather won’t stop you from having a fun, relaxing and memorable Maine vacation. Check out some of the links below for Maine weather reports.

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