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Guide to the Schoodic Peninsula | Secret Side of Acadia National Park

The Secret side of Acadia National Park

Of the 3 million visitors to Acadia National Park annually, very few see one of the most spectacular parts of the Park. Located off Mount Desert Island, The Schoodic Scenic Byway attracts only 10% of the visitors that go to the popular sites of Jordan Pond, Thunder Hole, and Cadillac Mountain of Acadia.

Acadia National-Park-Schoodic Peninsula

Just an hour from Bar Harbor (or 2.5 miles as the seagull flies across Frenchmans Bay) is this gorgeous Schoodic Peninsula that juts out into the Gulf of Maine. In a car or on bike, tour Schoodic Scenic Byway to be rewarded with stunning views to the west of Mount Desert Island and Cadillac Mountain, and of the lighthouses of Mark Island, Baker Island Light and Egg Rock Light.

In 1929, the Schoodic Peninsula became part of Acadia National Park with over 27 acres of unique pink granite shores, most of which can be accessed and enjoyed from the newly paved route that traces the shores.

These giant pink granite boulders that line the coast of Schoodic Peninsula are an inspiration to artists, but also fun for kids to climb and walk on, and picnic perfect, just watch out for wave action as the ocean surf crashes against the cliffs and rocky coastline.

As you drive out Schoodic Peninsula you pass the seaside towns of Winter Harbor or Prospect Harbor on your way to the National Park Road loop, which becomes one-way traffic at the Schoodic Head, the highest point on the peninsula at 440-feet, which now serves as the Schoodic Education and Research Center.

On your Schoodic drive, you will pass one scenic picnic spot after another, smooth granite rock shores are perfect for picture taking, picnicking or walking down to the coast to see lobster boats ply the calm protected waters.

While the Schoodic Point Peninsula offers many lodgings including b&bs, inns, cottages and cabins, this secret side of Acadia National Park is also a beautiful area for camping. Many campgrounds in the Downeast area including Schoodic Point offer ocean views along with picturesque views of Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island.

Acadia National-Park-campgrounds

Winter Harbor Light, or also called Mark Island Light, visibly marks the entrance to Winter Harbor. This beautiful lighthouse is seen from sea separating Schoodic Peninsula from Frenchmans Bay and Mount Desert Island.

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