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13 Maine Towns with Unique Shops & Boutiques

Maine’s cities and towns are filled with charm and character, even beyond the amazing natural beauty surrounding them. Shopping is one of the top three tourist activities across the state, right beyond dining and sightseeing, and there are many unique Maine shops and boutiques to explore.

The Main Streets of Maine perfectly blend all three in different vibes from coastal to historic to working waterfront. Let’s explore some of the best shopping districts in the state.

Old Port – Portland


The city of Portland offers several districts, each with its own shopping spirit. You’ll find local mom-and-pop shops or statewide franchises tucked into some of the most cherished architecture in the state.

Old Port Shopping

Old Port District is a historic gem that seamlessly blends the old with the new. As you wander through its cobblestone streets, you’ll find boutique shops, art galleries, and craft stores lining Commercial Street, the district’s main thoroughfare.

This bustling area also offers a seafood lover’s paradise, with restaurants serving the freshest catches of the day, often with harbor views.

Arts District/Downtown

In the heart of the city lies the Arts District, a hub of artistic expression and cultural vibrancy. Congress Street is the main artery of this district, home to more than 65 art galleries and studios, where you can immerse yourself in the local art scene and possibly purchase some to take home.

Here are some of our favorite stores:

  • Lisa-Marie’s Made in Maine: Maine-made products are the pride and joy of the Pine Tree State, and here you can find a potpourri of crafts, jewelry, and clothing.
  • Seabags: Located right on the water, all bags are made from recycled sails and ropes, creating an eco-friendly and creative way to carry your Maine memories home.
  • Uncommon Paws: Maine loves dogs, and here you can find hand-crafted designs for collars, leashes, harnesses, and treats.

Bar Harbor

In Bar Harbor, the heart of shopping can be found along Main Street and Cottage Street. Main Street boasts an array of quaint boutiques, art galleries, and souvenir shops where you can discover unique treasures and local crafts.

This street offers a delightful shopping experience, from nautical-themed goods to handcrafted jewelry. On Cottage Street, you’ll find a mix of shops and eateries, adding to the town’s charming character.

You can’t go wrong when visiting one of these three options.

My Darling Island

This charming store gives Target vibes in the “I don’t know what I want until I get there” way.

Items from clothing for men, women, and children to lobster-designed everything to pet products, there’s something for every member of the family. Food and home decor are available, too.


Coastal home goods like candles, nautical pillows, lanterns, and creative bags line the shelves of this eclectic mix of items provided by Maine and New England artists only.

Christmas Vacation Shop

It’s always beginning to look a lot like Christmas here. This locally owned store creates enchanting items like sea glass and painted lobster claw ornaments. So much of this store offers things you can’t find anywhere else.

Agamont Park-Bar Harbor
Bar Harbor | photo via theiphonepic


Ogunquit’s shopping scene extends beyond Main Street and includes the picturesque Perkins Cove.

On Main Street, you can explore a delightful array of boutiques and art galleries. This picturesque street is lined with shops offering coastal-themed souvenirs, handcrafted jewelry, and unique local artwork. It’s the perfect place to find that special keepsake from your Ogunquit visit.

With its iconic footbridge and scenic harbor, Perkins Cove adds a unique shopping experience. Here, you can browse shops that specialize in nautical gifts, fine art, and handmade crafts.

Sea Glass Studio

Who needs Tiffany when you have a mix of locally harvested sea glass and pearls? This Oguinquit jewelry shop pairs seaworthy items together with sparkle. All pieces are crafted by one of three local artists.

We also recommend checking out the silver stash at Out of the Blue.

The Lazy Daisy

Seasonal finds the Lazy Daisy mix Maine’s outdoor rugged appeal with style and sophistication. It’s like your favorite Etsy store in brick-and-mortar, with accessories and bags tucked into a historic building.


Dock Square is the place to be in the Kennebunks for food, tours, and shopping. While Kennebunk and Kennebunkport share the space on the dock, you can also head further west to Kennebunk’s Lower Village or downtown for more shops.


Minka makes an impression with its various rooms, including a spiritual space, garden, pantry, and even a “Men’s Den.” You’ll find home goods, books, blankets, and accessories among the array of items.

Beach Grass Shop

Another hodge-podge of collectibles fills this seascape space. Whether you want charming coastal accessories, like playing cards, or rugged attire for your Maine adventure, it’s all wrapped up in one store.

TIP: Bring home a Beach Days Sheet & Clothing Spray bottle to always feel like you’re in Maine.

Abacus Gallery

Quirky and eclectic items reign here, with artistry you can’t find anywhere else. Need a metal moose wine holder? Done. Red Cadillac Cooler? You got it! How about a lamp that will light up any conversation? Wait until you see these options.

A few more options on the Kennebunk side include:

  • Bliss Boutique: Simple yet stylish finds reminiscent of The Gap, only with the sophistication of Ralph Lauren.
  • Kennebunk Outfitters: Designed for the true outdoor explorer, shop for gear or rent a beach chair for the best beaches of The Kennebunks.
Dock Square - Kennebunkport, Maine
Dock Square | photo via @joefarphotos


At the southern end of Moosehead Lake sits the enigmatic town of Greenville. This is where you can find all the moose-themed items you can imagine.

The main shopping hub is located along the bustling Moosehead Lake Avenue. This thoroughfare is home to a variety of stores, from outdoor gear shops catering to adventure enthusiasts to charming boutiques offering unique local crafts and souvenirs.

Ashley Rose Box Co. & Boutique

A shabby chic devotion to self-care and empowerment for women of all ages makes this option one of the most special on our list. Clothing, accessories, and spa products are available, or you can buy one of the gift boxes for a mix of Moosehead Lake magic.

Maine Mountain Soap & Candle Co.

Surround yourself with the scents and flavors of Maine in this artistry of essential oils and products. We love the locally designed pottery and diffuser bracelets.

Mud Puddle Mercantile

This casual and contemporary option has so many moose items it’s hard to choose just one. From games to humorous hats to giant hoodies in that oh-so-soft fabric, you’ll want to roam like a moose around this store for a while.


The views of Camden Harbor are priceless, but when you’re ready to drop a few shopping dollars, head to Elm Street in Camden. This charming stretch is adorned with diverse boutiques, galleries, and specialty stores.

Elm Street offers a shopping experience that blends local flavor with coastal charm.

House of Logan

Promising “Classic Clothing for Men & Women,” this boutique can also be found in Bath and Boothbay Harbor.

Heath & Harrow

If you like Home Goods, you’ll love Heath & Harrow. Grab unique glassware or a colorful basket for your boating adventures. We love the Maine puzzles for lazy afternoons at the beach house.

Blue Jay Boutique

A bunch of stuff for your babies and grandbabies awaits at this colorful boutique. Whether it’s a stash of night reading books with Maine fables or a Maine lobster onesie, you’ll “aww” your way to the cash register.

Kit Supply & Co.-Kittery
Kit Supply & Co. | photo via jessksinden


Near the Sunday Mountain River Resort is one of the most enchanting mountain villages in Bethel, filled with creative stores that envelop the essence of inland Maine.

Maine Line Products

Wood reigns in this section of Maine, but you’ll also get a mix and match of options to create your own gift basket.

True North Adventureware

This hyper-local store is stacked with outdoor necessities, including mosquito and tick spray that is much-needed in the Maine woods. Survival gear and accessories help you get ready to tackle the next waterfall trail.

Steam Mill Antiques

Maine is an antique lovers’ dream come true, but it’s not all on the coastline of Route 1. Even if you just browse, you’ll love the setting in an 1820 farmhouse.


Kittery is known as a shopping destination in Maine, as it’s home to a massive collection of outlet stores. In between the big brands, we have a few places to check out that are more Maine-centric.

Kittery Trading Post

Kittery Trading Post is an icon in Maine, up there with L.L. Bean. This beloved institution has a heritage dating back to 1938. Its special appeal lies in its rich tradition, offering a wide array of outdoor and sporting goods.

The store’s dedication to local products adds a unique touch, showcasing handcrafted items that reflect the region’s character.

Locally Handmade Kittery Maine

Another Maine-made option mixed in with major brands, you’ll find creative treats from picture frames to wild blueberry jam.

Kit Supply & Co.

Near the water on Government Street (and away from the outlet crowds), this bookstore includes adventure lessons for those traveling with kids to make the most of a Maine vacation.

Bath | photo via me_and_a_map


Downtown Bath features Front Street as the primary shopping destination. Lined with a mix of quaint shops and boutiques, it encapsulates the town’s maritime charm.

Front Street allows visitors to peruse an array of goods, from local crafts to clothing, often with a nautical theme.

Here are our top three picks.


Newcomers might not be familiar with the amazing shopping scene in Wiscasset. Main Street’s historic and picturesque avenue is home to a collection of charming boutiques, antique shops, and local art galleries.

Visitors can meander along cobblestone sidewalks and explore a variety of unique items, from vintage treasures to locally crafted artwork.

In the Clover

If you’re looking for a new scent, try the unique selection at this boutique. All styles, from clothing to accessories to perfumes, have a New England flair with French inspiration.

Birch Home Furnishings & Gifts

Home decor that puts Pottery Barn to shame is found at Birch. From coastal chich to maritime magic, you’ll be inspired to move to Maine once and for all.

Old & Everlasting

Whatever the retail equivalent of comfort food is, you’ll find it here at the “Warmhearted Little Store in Wiscasset.” While you’re there, ask the owners about their pet goats.


Main Street in Bangor serves as the town’s commercial and cultural hub, hosting local events and festivals. It offers a vibrant and engaging shopping experience while showcasing the city’s dynamic character and community spirit.

Mexicali Blues

A bit of a Bohemian vibe draws you in with clothing, scents, accessories, and even customized astrological forecasts (if you’re into that kind of thing).

The Not So Empty Nest

A mother and daughter duo run this store full of Maine-made products. The collection of home goods, accessories, and furniture makes you feel right at home.


Stop by one of two Polish locations in Bangor to find vintage treasures at low prices. Some of the collections come from Maine estate sales.


Aroostook County

Up in “The County” (aka Aroostook County), the Crown of Maine brings some shopping jewels to seek out. You just have to know where to look.

Ever Rhode

The newest Presque Isle boutique offers trendy collections for each season. If you like what you see, you can order online after you get home.

Little Blossom Boutique

Don’t forget the grandkids or babies in your life while visiting Presque Isle. You’ll find comfy yet awesomely adorable options for little boys and girls. There’s even a “Mama” section for some self-care and parenting memoirs.

Uniquely Aroostook Artisan Boutique and Gift Shop

The name says it all – this Portage store skips the lobsters and lighthouses and celebrates the inland and Acadian features of this remote, rugged terrain.

Want More Maine Shopping?

Of course, the L.L. Bean Flagship Store in Freeport, surrounded by several other L.L. Bean-themed options and an outlet mall across the street, is a top destination for travelers.

Maine-made products are a way of life in this proud and patriotic state. You can search this interactive map to find stores with the signature brand statewide. It’s important to note that small businesses can come and go, so always check with the stores mentioned here ahead of time.

With more people visiting and moving to Maine, keeping prices low and staffing high is not always easy. Your patronage of Maine small businesses helps preserve the experience we all love and helps unique Maine shops and boutiques continue to thrive.

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