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How to Cook and Eat a Maine Lobster

Cooking Lobster

1. Do NOT just boil your lobsters in a big tub of water. True Mainers recommend steaming lobsters with 2 to 3 inches in the bottom of the lobster pot, preferably with a rack in the base. 

2. Bring water to a rolling boil. Then drop live lobsters in head first (slightly more humane). Cover tightly with a lid. Watch for the water to return to a rolling boil – leave lobsters in for 10-15 minutes after water has come back to boiling. Remember, “red is dead and done.”

3. Drain the lobster and enjoy. Be sure to have melted butter, your bib, and a bucket for shells ready to go.

You should eat lobster on the same day as arrival, storing them in a cool place. We say don’t cook a dead lobster, only live fresh ones. However some lobster shippers say it is safe to cook and eat a lobster that passed in transit, recommending you cook that lobster separately.

The lobster meat should be just as consistent as the rest, but do not hesitate to contact the lobster shipping company with any questions or concerns.


Eating Lobster

1. Order a fresh live Maine lobster.

2. Make sure you are wearing appropriate clothes (i.e. skip the fancy outfits) or don a bib. Twist off the eight small legs. Suck out the meat and juices. Crunching down on the legs helps.

3. Twist off the claws.

4. Crack the claws then take out the meat. Don’t miss the slivers of meat in the claw’s nuckles and “thumbs.”

5. Gently twist off the tail from the body. Break off the flippers and treat them in the same manner as the small legs – there’s tender meat here too. Now you can get the tail meat out. Place your thumb on the back of the tail where the flippers were and push hard. The tail meat will slide out the top.

6. Separate the back of the body and eat the green tomalley (optional). Crack the body open sideways and remove the last bits of meat. Congratulations! You now eat lobstah like a native Mainah!


MAINE TIP: When in Maine, many Lobster vendors will steam your lobsters to perfection for you at their store, saving you from the smell cooking lobster will make back at your house rental. They will be cooked to perfection and stay hot for about an hour when packaged to go.

Want to see how fisherman catch Maine lobsters? Catch your own lobster!

Order Maine Lobster to Go

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