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Maine lobster is a world famous delicacy, it’s delicious, nutritious, simply the best seafood in the world. And Maine lobster is the best of the best. Better than Canadian lobster, spiny tail Caribbean or Pacific lobster. It’s the first thing on peoples’ list when they visit Maine – eat a fresh Maine lobster. You can’t vacation in Maine every day – but you can have fresh Maine lobster shipped to your home.

There are several Maine lobster companies that offer overnight shipping of Live Maine Lobster, carefully packaged in refrigerated boxes, so that your crustacean comes fresh, still alive, and ready to cook – best steamed in large pot and served with a bib and butter.

Our Recommended Ship To You Lobster Companies

Get Maine Lobster.com | Portland 866-562-4817 | 48 Union Wharf, Portland, Maine
Direct from the Midcoast of Maine, our lobster and seafood is hand-selected. Each and every morning we hit the dock to discover the freshest Maine lobster and seafood and ship it right to your doorstep. The best-tasting lobster comes from Maine’s the icy Atlantic waters that make the meat sweeter than any other lobster in the world. If you want the freshest, best-tasting Maine lobster and seafood - GetMaineLobster.com Learn More
Lobster Anywhere | Lobster from Maine 978-225-8828 | 12 Oakland St, Amesbury, Massachusetts
Since 1999, Lobsteranywhere.com has shipped live lobster, lobster tails, New England clam chowder, and fresh seafood to discerning customers coast-to-coast. The ultimate indulgence...Lobster from Maine. Our lobsters are plucked from the icy cold Atlantic waters and delivered to your front door...(or someone special) overnight. Order a complete Maine lobster dinner gift or a seafood gift certificate today! Learn More

Below are lobster shipping companies that guarantee you a fresh Maine lobster, shipped from the Maine docks to your doorstep to enjoy. Just cook and enjoy with melted butter.

Most lobster lovers order a whole lobsters, typically a pound and a quarter to a pound and a half each, but you can purchase lobster tails, claws, or fresh picked lobster meat. Lobster companies even ship lobster chowder and lobster stew along with clam chowder. A true Down East Maine Lobster Bake include clam chowder, fresh steamed lobster with melted butter, corn on the cob and strawberry shortcake for dessert.

A few Maine lobster companies will ship you the lobster, the chowder, the works. You just need to follow the lobster cooking instructions, put on a lobster bib and get cracking. There are even instruction on how to eat a Maine lobster.


So until you plan your next trip to Maine, where you can enjoy a fresh cooked lobster at a classic clam shack, lobster pound or one of Maine’s best restaurants, you can have a lobster shipped.

You might want to cue a fog horn or a wave sound machine in the background for authenticity. Ayuh, enjoy your Maine lobster – there is nothing else like in the world. See our fun fact about Maine lobster and order a fresh Maine lobster soon.

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