The ULTIMATE Guide to Visiting Lubec Maine

Lubec Maine is a charming coastal town that’s brimming with history and culture. From unique landscapes to unforgettable experiences, this vibrant town beckons you to explore nature too. So, keep reading to find out why Lubec is so special and to learn everything that you can do on its peninsula.

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Outdoor Things to Do in Lubec Maine

Lubec Maine offers a wide array of outdoor activities that cater to nature enthusiasts and adventure-seekers alike. With stunning coastal landscapes, lush forests, and abundant wildlife, this town provides the perfect backdrop for exploring and experiencing the great outdoors.

Hike at Quoddy Head State Park

Explore the rugged coastal beauty of Quoddy Head State Park with its 541 acres of hiking trails. Choose from routes ranging in difficulty — like the popular 4-mile, round-trip Coastal Trail that allows you to take in stunning views of cliffs and ocean.

Don’t forget to check out West Quoddy Head Lighthouse while you’re here. It’s America’s most easterly lighthouse, standing tall amongst candy-striped beams, which serves as a reminder of our nation’s rich maritime history.

Plus, you can journey through time at the West Quoddy Head Lighthouse Visitor Center. Located near the lighthouse, this former U.S. Coast Guard station houses fascinating exhibits that explore the maritime history and local wildlife, as well as provide insight into the significance of lighthouses in America.

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Watch the Birds

Lubec Maine is an ideal destination for avid birdwatchers because of its diverse ecosystems and waterfront location. The area is home to a variety of species, including migratory shorebirds, seabirds, songbirds, and even puffins or razorbills if you’re lucky.

Spring and fall are especially good times for spotting these feathered friends, so be sure that your binoculars are handy.

Kayak & Paddleboard the Coast

Discover all that Lubec’s coast has to offer via kayak or paddleboard — explore bays, inlets, and islands galore. Local outfitters provide rentals and guided tours, so no matter your skill level, there’s something just right for everyone looking for outdoor adventure on the water.

Cycle the Bold Coast Scenic Bikeway

The Bold Coast Scenic Bikeway offers cyclists a truly epic experience. This 211-mile route takes riders through the stunning landscapes of coastal Maine, with plenty of options for casual and challenging rides. Take some time to explore Lubec while you’re at it — it’ll be an adventure you won’t soon forget.

Whale Watching-Bar Harbor
Whale Watching | photo via mitchryanfischer

Book a Whale Watching Tour

From May until October, whale-watching enthusiasts flock to Lubec because of its prime location for spotting humpback, minke, and finback whales in their natural habitat.

With local companies offering guided tours into these waters, you’re likely to see porpoises, seals, and seabirds too. Your journey will, no doubt, become one full of unforgettable memories.

Go Fishing

If fishing is more your thing, then don’t worry. Whether it’s freshwater or saltwater casting that catches your eye, local charter companies offer expert-guided trips into the sea so that you can reel in some fun times catching mackerels, pollock, striped bass, bluefish, and more.

Find the Perfect Picnic Spot

Grab your picnic basket and explore the lush grounds of Lubec Maine. From serene parks to beautiful beaches and coastal views, you’ll have options when it comes to picking a spot that is perfect for your time in the sun.

Treat yourself by packing homemade snacks or picking up some local delicacies or fresh seafood. Also, set aside an entire day so that you can truly appreciate all of nature’s beauty without any distractions.

Stargaze Under the Dark Sky

Lubec is the perfect destination for stargazers looking for a night under the stars. Coupled with minimal light pollution, its remote location is ideal for spotting constellations and the elusive Northern Lights if luck is on your side.

Take a trip to Quoddy Head State Park where dark skies await, ready to mesmerize you with a dazzling array of twinkling lights — just don’t forget your camera!

SummerKeys | photo via dogbreathw

Indoor Things to Do in Lubec Maine

From historical sites to music concerts, the charming town of Lubec has a plethora of indoor activities for visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for an educational experience or just want to have some fun, there are plenty of things to do indoors in this picturesque coastal Maine community.

Explore Lubec’s Historical Sites

The past comes alive with a visit to Lubec’s famed Lubec Historical Society & Museum.

At this unique venue, travelers can learn all about how this quaint fishing village rose from its 19th-century origins up through its heyday as the Sardine Capital while admiring artifacts that bring those bygone days back into focus.

Attend a Concert at the SummerKeys

Live music lovers will be delighted with what awaits during summertime visits when they take advantage of the SummerKeys weekly concert series.

The series features internationally renowned artists playing classical tunes, jazz numbers, and more inside an acoustically excellent venue like no other — the majestic walls of Lubec Congregational Christian Church.

Attend a Workshop at the Cobscook Institute

The Cobscook Institute is an incredible resource for people of all ages to explore their interests and learn something new. From arts and crafts classes to cooking courses, there’s always something interesting happening at this community-based organization.

Browse the Local Shops & Boutiques

Heading into town? Don’t miss out on the amazing selection of shops and boutiques. Whether you’re after unique gifts or souvenirs from Maine, or you’re looking for locally made items, these stores offer plenty of opportunities to find one-of-a-kind treasures while supporting local businesses.

Visit the McCurdy Smokehouse Museum & Mulholland Market Gallery

At the McCurdy Smokehouse Museum & Mulholland Market Gallery, you can learn about how herring were smoked and processed. Former employees of the smokehouse offer their firsthand knowledge and demonstrate some of the processes.

Then, you can peruse the art gallery and gift shop in the 1860s Mulholland Brothers Market building. This former grocery store previously served as storage for the smokehouse. Art exhibitions are displayed in the summer, and you can purchase crafts made by local artisans.

Cutler Coast Public Land-Cutler
Cutler Coast Public Land | photo via champa.frank

More Things to Do Near Lubec Maine

Cutler Coast Public Land

Take a short trip from Lubec to discover the spectacular 12,000 acres that make up the Cutler Coast Public Land. Hike along its dramatic cliffs and rocky shorelines or take in the dense forest views — you’re sure to feel enchanted by this unspoiled paradise.

If you want something longer than a stroll, try tackling the 9.1-mile Fairy Head Loop Trail for incredible sights of Maine’s iconic landscape.

Fisherman's Wharf Restaurant & Seafood-Lubec
Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant & Seafood | photo via lor1464

Top Lubec Maine Restaurants

When you get hungry, Lubec has a vibrant dining scene with numerous choices available. Regardless of whether you are looking for a morning cup of coffee or a nice restaurant for a date night, Lubec has you covered.

Dockside Treasures

Dockside Treasures is a quintessential, family-run gift and sandwich shop offering unbeatable waterfront views. Plus, its laid-back atmosphere and welcoming staff make it an ideal spot to enjoy a delicious meal with loved ones and go shopping.

Tavern Restaurant

Tavern Restaurant at the Water Street Inn & B&B boasts fine dining in grand style. Situated in a restored historic building, its seasonal menu features fresh ingredients prepared into creative culinary masterpieces.

With its extensive wine list and attentive service that exudes sophistication, this restaurant is perfect for romantic dinners and special occasions alike.

Love at First Light

Love at First Light is a gift shop and ice cream shop. It invites you to kick back with a cup of coffee (or other hot/cold drink) and homemade treats like pastries or sandwiches. Meanwhile, you can take advantage of the cozy seating areas where you can catch up on your reading or chat with friends.

Lubec Brewing Company

Lubec Brewing Company is nestled downtown amidst local shops and restaurants. This small-batch brewery features handcrafted beers made from regional ingredients, as well as wood-fired pizza and other tasty eats.

The relaxed vibes coupled with friendly service make this place the ultimate destination for craft beer enthusiasts looking to explore what Lubec Maine has on tap.

Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant & Seafood

Experience the best of Lubec’s culinary scene with a trip to Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant & Seafood. Tucked away in a bustling waterfront setting, this charming restaurant offers stunning views of the Lubec Channel and Campobello Island.

On the menu, you’ll find an array of delicious seafood dishes — lobster, scallops, and haddock, for instance. Salads, burgers, and pasta round out the menu. Here, you’ll always find fresh local ingredients presented in a casual atmosphere that makes it perfect for enjoying a meal with friends or family.

Monica’s Chocolates

Don’t forget to save room for dessert at Monica’s Chocolates. This quaint shop is home to some seriously scrumptious artisanal chocolates — truffles, caramels, and chocolate-covered fruit await your sweet tooth.

If those don’t quite do it, why not try the homemade ice cream? These treats are so indulgent that they make great gifts too. Just grab one for yourself.

Lubec | photo via devi_productions

Lubec Maine Lodging Options

Of course, you need a place to stay during your visit to Lubec Maine. Fortunately, the town has plenty of amazing lodging options close to the center of town.

West Quoddy Station

Discover the magical charm of West Quoddy Station, a lovingly-restored U.S. Coast Guard station turned vacation rental property. You can immerse yourself in history by exploring the cottages, boathouse, and keeper’s house — all of which boast incredible views of the rugged coastline.

The private beach is perfect for sunbathing or taking picturesque walks along nearby trails. And, don’t forget to stop at the West Quoddy Head Lighthouse and state park while you’re here.

The Inn on the Wharf

Located on a working waterfront, The Inn on the Wharf offers an unforgettable stay with a stunning view of Lubec Channel and Campobello Island.

Each room has been thoughtfully decorated with modern amenities so that you feel right at home during your visit. Plus, you get to sample delicious seafood dishes made from fresh local ingredients at the wharf’s restaurant.

Peacock House Bed & Breakfast

For those who enjoy romantic Victorian vibes, Peacock House Bed & Breakfast is the ideal destination.

Impeccably furnished guest rooms come complete with private bathrooms and thoughtful amenities, like free Wi-Fi access for convenience and breakfast served each morning using locally sourced produce straight from Maine farms.

Step outside into lush gardens or explore downtown Lubec just steps away where there are plenty of attractions waiting for you.

Cohill’s Inn

Nestled in central Lubec Maine lies Cohills Inn with luxury lodging blended perfectly with casual Irish pub dining featuring beer brewed both locally and abroad.

Cozy yet chic guestrooms boast tranquil decor complete with private bathrooms outfitted in contemporary comfort, making it easy to relax after a day filled with exploring this quaint coastal town.

West Quoddy Head Lighthouse-Lubec
West Quoddy Head Lighthouse | photo via kellyj511

More to Know About Lubec Maine

Nestled on the rugged Maine coast, Lubec is the easternmost town in the continental United States. This quaint hamlet was founded in 1785 and officially established itself as a municipality 11 years later.

The Industries

It wasn’t long before Lubec became renowned for its bustling shipbuilding, commercial fishing, and canning industries. The town even earned recognition as the “Sardine Capital of the World” because of its abundant smoked herring and sardine production.

Town Growth

The 19th century saw tremendous growth for Lubec Maine and eventually transitioned into what we see today — a peaceful coastal destination that lures visitors from across the world with its breathtaking views and attractions.

There’s no place quite like charming little Lubec. From industrial might during centuries gone by through tranquil beauty today, tales are around every corner just waiting to be discovered.

Weather in Lubec

Lubec’s coastal location in Downeast Maine has a major influence on its weather, which is characterized by cool summers and cold winters with plenty of snow.

June, July, and August boast average highs between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit and lows around 50 to 60 degrees. On the other side of the spectrum, December through February sees temperatures drop to 30 to 35 degrees during the day and 15 to 20-degree lows overnight.

Pack accordingly when you visit this picturesque part of Maine — layers are key!

FAQs About Lubec Maine

What are the must-see attractions in Lubec Maine?

Lubec is home to a variety of attractions that cater to diverse interests. One must-see spot is Quoddy Head State Park with West Quoddy Head Lighthouse.

Where should I stay in Lubec Maine?

There are plenty of lodging options in Lubec Maine, including inns, a former lighthouse station, and vacation rentals.

What outdoor activities are available in Lubec?

Lubec Maine is a dream destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. From hiking Quoddy Head State Park to kayaking along the picturesque coast, there’s something here for everyone.

Whether you’re an avid birdwatcher or eager to spot whales, this small coastal town offers plenty of activities that are sure to make your trip one of a kind. Plus, Lubec has a few very interesting museums and galleries.

Start Planning Your Lubec Maine Getaway

With its unique history, lively culture, stunning panoramic views, and endless activities, there’s always something awe-inspiring when visiting Lubec Maine. This special seaside village is suitable for adventurous spirits and history buffs. On top of that, you get to enjoy delectable seafood.

Don’t wait any longer — start planning your trip to discover why Lubec Maine is such a must-visit spot!

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