A Registered Maine Guide

A great way to explore the great outdoors of Maine is with a Registered Maine Guide. There are approximately 4,000 registered guides in Maine, who specialize in accompanying travelers on a variety of wilderness and outdoor recreational activities.

Maine Guides date back to the late 1890s, when Cornilia Thurza Crosby (nicknamed “Fly Rod”) became the first licensed Registered Maine Guide in 1897. It is difficult to become a registered Maine guide, with rigorous outdoor training and involved knowledge of Maine’s natural environment, so they are very well respected and reliable.

White Water Rafting

Maine Guides specialize in a number of different areas, including hunting, fishing, kayaking, boating, snowmobilingATVing and camping. The Maine Professional Guides Association (MPGA) oversees regulation of their guides, and issues licenses for the categories of Hunting, Fishing, Recreation, Sea Kayaking and Whitewater Rafting.

A Maine guide can help you take the adventure of a lifetime in the Maine wilderness. Whether you hope to find the best fishing in Maine, hunt for deer, moose or bear in the woods, navigate the waters by kayak or canoe or experience authentic Maine camping, a Maine Guide can answer your travel questions.

All registered guides are skilled in general touring and activities of Maine wilderness, but some have specialties that might appeal to different travelers preferences, such as a Maine fishing guide or a registered Maine hunting guide.


Maine Guides are world-renowned for their professionalism, their ethics toward nature and wildlife, knowledge of the outdoors, and their ability to develop excellent relationships with campers and visitors to Maine.

A Maine guide will give you a vacation to remember for a lifetime. They can take you places you may not have otherwise found, like canoeing on the famous Allagash, finding the best moose spotting areas, white water rafting or discovering fresh snowmobile trails. With years of experience in the business, Maine guides are friendly, knowledgeable and eager to provide you with a safe and fun vacation the whole family will enjoy!

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