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Experiencing a Moose Safari in Maine

The Maine official state animal is the Moose. Many visitors come to Maine in search of the big moose and never find him (male Bull moose) or her (female Moose cow). Well, maybe they aren’t looking in the right places at the right time a Moose safari may be your best bet at spotting one of these majestic, odd and awesome creatures.

In Maine, Moose are not too hard to find, but you do need to know where to look. The Moose is the largest wild animal in North America, typically weighing 1,000 plus pounds. 


A Moose are the largest member of the deer family, and are often over 7 feet tall. Male moose have antlers that can grow to 5-feet across and weigh 40 lbs. Maine is home to the healthiest moose population (aside from Alaska), with an estimated 75,000.

A Moose Safari is the best way to be sure you see a Moose during Maine vacation getaway. The best moose spotting occurs in the early morning and early evening, dawn and dusk, just before sunset when moose are out searching for food.

Registered Maine guides lead the professional moose tours in the RangeleyKennebecKatahdin and Moosehead regions, to name a few. On your moose safari, you are also likely to see deer, bear, bald eagles, osprey and more.

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Moose safaris and wildlife tours near Rangeley, Greenville and Jackman can last for a few hours with a Moose tour company, or continue as an overnight moose camping trip or entire weekend at a moose safari lodge.


But be careful around moose if you find one (or two, since moose cows are often accompanied by their moose calves), moose car collisions are a serious concern in Maine since moose tend to wander into roads during dawn and dusk.


Moose are reputed to have lousy eyesight and are typically slow to move. But if they are harassed (or if it’s moose mating season), moose can run up to 35 mph and be very aggressive. And they can weigh a ton – literally!

The Maine moose hunting season is limited and controlled by the Wildlife department each fall, with just 2,700 permits issued each year (and a 95% success rate amongst Maine moose permit holders).

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