Maine Humah… conversations with locals

Mainers are funny people, not always funny like LOL – more like odd, peculiar, even perplexing. They aren’t typically wicked chatty, but they have their hilarious expressions, colorful colloquialisms, and their favorite topics – mostly the weathah, their lobstah boats, and their mothahs.

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Welcome to Maine Sign

Ya mothah…

…is usually your woman, your wife, your significant othah… not your actual mom.

Mainers don’t share much, but when they do it’s typically laced with sarcasm – it’s wicked pissah – leaving you wondering if you got the straight scoop. It’s a mad Maine skill and treasured talent to confuse the folks from away.


…about the Maine weathah or their mothah is just an example of hot topics, that’s “hot” not Haut pronounced “ho” like in Isle au Haut upta Penobscot.


Yuh can’t get theya from heah…

Mainahs are not, howevah, good at giving directions… “can’t get theya from heah” for example. We have all heard that joke.

All humor is based in some reality. I have heard Mainers give directions such as, “go down the road a piece”…or “if you see Jake’s barn – you’ve gone too far and you bettah turn your cah ‘round.”


…on a recent trip to Bucks Harbor, “Bucks Hahbah”… I was out for a stroll in the small (understatement) community just up the hill from the marina. I paused at the one intersection in town, no traffic light, to let the oncoming car go.

He stopped, rolled own his window and asked “where you headin’?” I said “I’m just out exploring Bucks Harbor.” He said, “can I help you find something?” So I inquired, “what else is there to see here?” He replied, “well, this is pretty much it.”

My next local encounter was down on the waterfront. I told this Mainer my funny conversation from moments before. He said “yeah, not much happens here. Sometimes there’s a farmers market on Tuesday.”

I replied that I’d seen the sign on the bulletin board at the general store in town. He replied, “actually the market is every Tuesday, but I only go sometimes.” Guess that makes it a sometimes fahmahs mahket.

Nubble Lighthouse - York, Maine
Nubble Lighthouse – York, Maine

Enjoy your time upta Maine

If you have to ask for directions when visiting Maine, be ready for anything. Maine, the way life ought to be.

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