Aerial view of the Cityscape of Old Orchard Beach Maine during Autumn at Sunrise
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Guide to the Best Campgrounds & RV Parks in Old Orchard Beach Maine

Old Orchard Beach Maine is a charming coastal town that beckons visitors with its scenic 7-mile stretch of sandy beach. It’s a long-time family summer destination that offers both relaxation and entertainment.

The OOB Pier extends into the Atlantic, providing a hub for dining and nightlife. Families delight in the nostalgic, beachfront amusement park Palace Playland, while adventure seekers enjoy parasailing and biking.

The town’s proximity to nature trails and parks, like the nearby Eastern Trail, adds to its allure, offering a unique blend of seaside fun and outdoor activities.

About Campgrounds & RV Parks in Old Orchard Beach Maine

OOB is home to a variety of campgrounds and RV parks that cater to outdoor enthusiasts looking for a scenic coastal getaway. These accommodations range from basic tent sites to full-service RV spots with hookups for electricity, water, and sewage.

Prices vary — tent sites are generally the most affordable option, while deluxe RV sites command higher rates. Plus, many campgrounds offer amenities like Wi-Fi, swimming pools, and proximity to the beach, enhancing the camping experience.

Featured Old Orchard Beach Campgrounds & RV Parks

Bayley’s Camping Resort | Old Orchard Beach 207-883-6043 | 275 Pine Point Road, Scarborough, Maine
Southern Maine’s premier family camping resort and outdoor corporate outing facility. We offer 750+ sites, two beach shuttles, Seaside Square restaurant and pavilion with professional evening entertainment, 3 pools, 4 hot tubs, onsite kayaking, free WiFi and cable hookups, onsite fishing-no state license required. Onsite rental trailers are available. Learn More

Getting to Know the Old Orchard Beach Maine Area

Known for its vast 7-mile stretch of sandy shores perfect for sunbathing and swimming, Old Orchard Beach also boasts a rich cultural history and numerous attractions that merit discovery.

Rich History & Culture

Originally home to the Abenaki Tribe and visited by European explorers in 1603, the area now called Old Orchard Beach was named after an apple orchard planted by settler Thomas Rogers in 1657.

Transitioning from a farming community, OOB emerged as a sought-after seaside resort by the late 19th and early 20th centuries, known for opulent hotels and Victorian entertainment, drawing crowds from across North America.

Now, OOB blends its historical resort charm with modern attractions, upholding a family-friendly vibe with diverse entertainment and activities that echo its seaside legacy.

The Beach

Regarded as one of the finest in the area, Old Orchard Beach’s expansive shoreline stands as a focal point of the town, drawing visitors far and wide. Its broad expanse allows for a variety of beach activities — from building sandcastles to engaging in volleyball and frisbee.

The beach’s gradual incline is perfect for swimmers, offering a safe environment for children to frolic in the shallow waters. The fine, light sand invites leisurely strolls or peaceful relaxation to the rhythm of the ocean waves.

Convenient amenities — including restrooms, showers, and food vendors — enhance the beachgoing experience.

OOB Water Sports

Water enthusiasts flock to OOB for its array of water sports, including popular activities such as parasailing, jet skiing, paddleboarding, and kayaking.

With equipment rentals and lessons accessible to novices and experts alike, there’s something for everyone. Although surfing isn’t the town’s hallmark, the right conditions can still provide surfable waves for those looking to catch them.

Old Orchard Beach Pier & Nightlife

The OOB Pier, established in 1898, has long been an integral part of the town’s social life, providing a venue for concerts, dancing, and historically, even a casino. Despite multiple reconstructions due to storm and fire damage, the pier stands as a testament to the town’s enduring spirit and dedication to tourism.

Jutting out over the Atlantic, the pier is lined with shops and restaurants, offering breathtaking ocean views. In the summertime, it becomes the heart of community festivities with fireworks and festivals enhancing its lively charm.

As night falls, the OOB Pier becomes a nexus of nightlife where visitors can find a vibrant mix of bars and clubs pulsating with live music from various genres, DJ sets, and dancing opportunities.

Beachside, the town’s spirit continues with bonfires and outdoor concerts, providing a perfect setting for either a relaxed evening or an energetic night out, making the pier and its surrounding nightlife a quintessential part of the Old Orchard Beach experience.

Palace Playground

As the sole beachfront amusement park in New England, Palace Playland delights visitors with a variety of rides catering to every age group, including gentle kiddie rides and exhilarating roller coasters. The Ferris wheel stands out as a beloved attraction, offering panoramic views of the ocean.

Also, the park boasts a sizable arcade filled with games, traditional carnival challenges, and a selection of food vendors. Operating on a seasonal schedule, Palace Playland comes alive at night, illuminated by bright lights and hosting special events that add to the festive, summer vibe.

The Eastern Trail & Parks

Spanning 65 miles from Kittery to South Portland, the Eastern Trail meanders through Old Orchard Beach, providing a serene, off-road pathway ideal for biking, walking, running, and appreciating nature.

As it cuts through diverse landscapes like forests, marshes, and meadows, the trail section in OOB offers connections to nearby towns, inviting exploration of the Southern Maine Coast’s beauty and wildlife.

Additionally, OOB features tranquil green spaces, such as the 10-acre Guild Park in Ocean Park — a quiet refuge amidst ancient pines and spruces. Veterans Memorial Park, close to the pier on Heath Street, pays homage to military service members with a notable jet fighter display.

Inland from the shore, Milliken Mills Trails Park presents a calm environment with gentle trails, picnic spots, and informative signs, perfect for a leisurely day in nature.

The Culinary Scene

In OOB, food enthusiasts can savor an array of culinary delights — from laid-back beachfront spots to sophisticated restaurants. A highlight of the local dining scene is the abundance of fresh seafood, prominently featured in classic Maine fare — succulent lobster rolls, hearty clam chowder, and crispy fried clams — at venues such as Big Daddy’s Bar & Grill.

For a refined culinary experience, diners can visit Joseph’s by the Sea, known for its exquisite seafood dishes complemented by stunning views of the ocean.

Adding to the town’s gastronomic diversity, an assortment of international flavors — ranging from Italian to Mexican cuisine — caters to a broad spectrum of palates. The dining experiences in OOB mirror the town’s coastal charm and holiday spirit, focusing on fresh, quality ingredients, and a laid-back dining ambiance.

Top Old Orchard Beach Maine Campgrounds & RV Parks

Sun Outdoors Old Orchard Beach Downtown

8 Cascade Rd, Old Orchard Beach | 207-934-2352
Sun Outdoors Old Orchard Beach Downtown offers a family-friendly camping experience with a swimming pool, splash pad, and hot tub. Guests can enjoy the convenience of Wi-Fi, cable TV access, and on-site restroom and shower facilities — all within walking distance to the heart of Old Orchard Beach and its iconic pier.
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Powder Horn Family Camping Resort

48 Cascade Rd, Old Orchard Beach | 207-934-4733
Powder Horn Family Camping Resort is a premier family resort offering a variety of campsites and amenities. Guests can enjoy four swimming pools, two hot tubs, and an array of activities — all within proximity of the beach and local attractions.
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Paradise Park Resort Campground

50 Adelaide Rd, Old Orchard Beach | 207-934-4633
Paradise Park Resort Campground is a family-friendly retreat set on 40 acres of woodland, featuring a 5-acre bass pond. The resort offers over 200 camping sites — from basic tent spots to RV hookups — along with amenities like two heated saltwater pools and recreational activities.
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Sun Retreats Wild Acres

179 Saco Ave, Old Orchard Beach | 207-934-2535
Sun Retreats Wild Acres spans 90 acres of picturesque scenery near the coast, offering a variety of camping options — RV sites, vacation rentals, and tent spots. This retreat is packed with amenities, such as ropes courses, mini golf, and a stocked camp store.
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Sun Retreats Old Orchard Beach

3 Old Orchard Rd, Old Orchard Beach | 207-934-2160
Sun Retreats Old Orchard Beach provides a delightful family vacation destination with RV sites, cottage rentals, and a suite of planned activities. The resort features multiple swimming pools and a splash pad and is just a short distance from the white sandy beaches. It even has volleyball courts and go-kart rentals.
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Old Orchard Beach Campground

27 Go Camping Way, Old Orchard Beach | 207-934-4477
Old Orchard Beach Campground offers a variety of camping experiences with cabin rentals, deluxe RV sites, and park model sites. This family-friendly campground is equipped with modern amenities and provides a peaceful setting just 1 mile from the beach.
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Featured Lodging in Nearby Towns

Exploring All of Old Orchard Beach Maine & Beyond

Old Orchard Beach Maine entices visitors with its expansive sandy shore, iconic pier, amusement park delights, and laid-back coastal charm. But, there are equally appealing destinations to explore nearby too. Here’s a quick look at what Biddeford and Saco, Kennebunkport, and Kennebunk have to offer.

Biddeford & Saco

Biddeford and Saco Maine offer a blend of cultural history and outdoor adventure. Visitors can explore the Biddeford Mills Museum, enjoy local craft beers and food, or relax on serene beaches. And, family fun awaits at Funtown Splashtown USA, while nature enthusiasts can hike the Eastern Trail or kayak along the Saco River.


Kennebunkport Maine is a picturesque town known for its quaint streets, historic charm, and maritime heritage. Visitors can enjoy activities like kayaking, sightseeing tours, and exploring the vibrant Dock Square. The area’s stunning beaches, fine dining, and luxury accommodations make it an ideal destination for a quintessential Maine getaway.


Kennebunk Maine is a coastal gem with a rich shipbuilding history, offering visitors a mix of cultural attractions, such as the Brick Store Museum, and natural beauty with sandy beaches like Gooch’s Beach. Delight in local cuisine, shop at unique boutiques, and enjoy the serene atmosphere of this charming town.

FAQs About Old Orchard Beach Maine Campgrounds & RV Parks

What types of camping accommodations are available in OOB Maine?

OOB offers various camping options, including RV sites, tent sites, cabins, and park model rentals.

Are the campgrounds in OOB Maine pet-friendly?

The top campgrounds in Old Orchard Beach are pet-friendly. Keep in mind, though, that the policies regarding bringing pets can differ from one campground to the next.

How close are the campgrounds to the beach in OOB Maine?

Although the OOB campgrounds aren’t located directly on the beach, many of them are, at most, within a short driving distance.

What facilities are available at OOB Maine campgrounds and RV parks?

The facilities at campgrounds and RV parks in OOB vary but often include bathhouses, laundry facilities, playgrounds, pools, and recreational areas.

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