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Rachael Carson: Environmental Legacy

Rachel Carson Wildlife RefugeIf you haven’t read “Silent Spring”, you’ve likely discussed the book in school. Many say this book instigated the environmental movement and publicized awareness of the chemical impact on nature. What you may not have known is that  author Rachel Carson has very close connections to the state of Maine.

As a marine biologist, Carson was drawn to Midcoast Maine. It was while she was living in South Port Island off of Boothbay Harbor, that she wrote her famous book. Her work inspired environmental conservation movements. Today, you can visit two protected sanctuaries in Maine: The Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge in Wells and the Rachel Carson Salt Pond Preserve in Pemaquid Point.

great heron fall flightThe Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge straddling the coast of Wells and Kennebunk preserves 50 miles of salt marshes and estuaries for migrating birds. There are also walking trails open to the public for lovely nature walks on the coast.

You can also visit the plaque which is set where Rachel Carson’s ashes were scattered on the coastline of South Port Island. The plaque not only stands testament to the respect for the writer, but also the shared belief in environmentalist notions in Maine where land conservation is important. In a way, we owe Rachel Carson our thanks for these Tidal Salt Marshenvironmentalist ideals as Maine is the Vacationland to escape in nature. The way life should be…

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