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Guide to the Best Biddeford & Saco Maine Lodging, Hotels, Motels, & Vacation Rentals

Biddeford and Saco Maine are appealing destinations, boasting picturesque coastal charm and rich histories. Their prime location on the coastline makes them a haven for beachgoers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Plus, the area features unique attractions, including historic mills and vibrant breweries, reflecting a blend of cultural heritage and modern innovation. Surrounded by nature preserves and wildlife sanctuaries, these twin cities offer a serene escape with the convenience of nearby urban amenities.

Know Your Lodging Options in Biddeford & Saco Maine

Lodging in Biddeford and Saco Maine caters to a range of preferences and budgets — from convenient chain hotels to cozy vacation rentals. Visitors can expect a variety of accommodations, including charming cottages and resorts that capture the essence of New England.

Prices vary, with budget-friendly choices ensuring that travelers can find a comfortable stay without breaking the bank. Mid-range hotels offer more amenities, such as free Wi-Fi and parking, providing good value for the cost.

For those seeking more luxurious stays, higher-end options are also available with prices that reflect the added comfort and services. Overall, the Biddeford and Saco area offers a lodging experience that combines affordability with the charming allure of the Southern Maine Coast.

Getting to Know the Biddeford & Saco Maine Area

Separated by the Saco River, Biddeford and Saco Maine are rich in unique features that attract visitors and residents alike. From beaches to vibrant downtowns to historic mills and cultural attractions, there’s something for everyone to experience here.

The Beaches

These coastal cities are celebrated for their stunning, tranquil beaches that draw visitors from near and far. From the lively and community-oriented to the serene and naturalistic, these beaches represent the quintessential charm of Maine’s coastline.

Biddeford Beaches

In Biddeford, Fortunes Rocks Beach stretches for 2 miles with powdery sand and rolling surf, making it a favorite for surfers and beachgoers alike. It’s a popular destination for sunbathing, swimming, and surfing. The expansive size means that, even on busy days, visitors can find a spot to relax.

Situated between Fortunes Rocks Beach and Biddeford Pool, Middle Beach offers a mix of rocky outcrops and sandy stretches, providing picturesque scenery and a quieter alternative to its neighboring beaches. It is a delightful spot for those looking to relax by the water and take in the natural beauty of Maine’s shoreline.

Biddeford Pool is a large tidal pool that offers a more sheltered beach experience, which is ideal for families. It’s known for its vast marsh, serene beach, and small, close-knit community. The area is ideal for various activities, including kayaking and bird watching. Since the beach is less commercialized than others, it provides a peaceful retreat.

Saco Beaches

Ferry Beach is a gentle, sandy beach located within Ferry Beach State Park. Its protected waters are excellent for swimming, and the park’s nature trails and picnic areas provide a perfect blend of beach relaxation and outdoor activity. Also, the park is known for its rare plants and diverse birdlife, making it a hot spot for nature enthusiasts.

Bay View Beach is a picturesque, sandy beach favored for sunbathing and coastal strolls. Located along Seaside Avenue, it offers easy access to the Atlantic Ocean and is known for its family-friendly atmosphere. This beach is especially popular in the summer and provides a classic Maine coastal experience.

Kinney Shores Beach is a tranquil beach spot known for its white sandy shores and peaceful ambiance. It’s a great place for beach walks, tide pooling, and enjoying the ocean view. The beach is open to the public, and despite its private beach appearance, it offers accessible areas for visitors looking for a quiet and scenic beach day.

Vibrant Downtowns

Biddeford and Saco Maine feature vibrant downtowns that are rich with history and community spirit. In Biddeford, the revitalization of the historic mill district has infused new life into the downtown area, making it a hub for businesses, artists, and makers.

Saco’s Main Street successfully blends the old with the new, preserving historic buildings while welcoming contemporary businesses. Both downtown areas are bustling with unique shops, local eateries, and a variety of arts and entertainment venues.

Historic Mills

The historic mills in Biddeford and Saco Maine are a testament to the cities’ rich industrial pasts. These mills represent the industrial backbone of the twin cities and have been repurposed to serve contemporary uses while preserving their historical significance. Here are a few notable mills to visit.

Biddeford Mills

Situated in Biddeford, the Pepperell Mill Campus is a large complex that once housed the Pepperell Manufacturing Company’s textile mills. It has been redeveloped into a mixed-use space with businesses, residences, and artist studios.

TIP: Although not a mill itself, the Biddeford Mills Museum is located within the Pepperell Mill Campus and offers tours that highlight the history of the textile industry in Biddeford.

Saco Mills

Located on the Saco side of the river, Saco Mill #4 has been transformed into a mixed-use development that includes apartments and commercial spaces.

One of the earliest mills established in Saco, the York Manufacturing Company played a significant role in the textile industry’s development in the area.

Another historic mill that contributed to the economic growth of Biddeford and Saco, the Laconia Mill is part of the region’s extensive textile mill history.

Cultural Festivals

Both cities come alive with festivals throughout the year. The River Jam & Fringe Fest is a joint Biddeford and Saco event that features music, art, and performances. And, Biddeford’s La Kermesse Franco-American Festival honors French cultural roots with traditional food, music, and activities.

These and other events are a testament to the strong sense of community and the rich cultural fabric of these cities.

Funtown Splashtown

We would be careless not to mention the famed and popular Funtown Splashtown USA in Saco. This family-owned amusement and water park combo has been delighting families for over 55 years.

Offering rides, water slides, and pools, it’s a summertime favorite for both thrill-seekers and those looking to cool off. With attractions for all ages, it’s the perfect destination for a day of fun and excitement.

Breweries & Brewpubs

The brewery scene in Biddeford and Saco Maine is lively and offers a variety of craft beer experiences. The breweries contribute to the vibrant local culture of these cities, offering residents and visitors alike a taste of Maine’s craft beer scene.

Biddeford Breweries

  • Biddeford’s first brewery, Banded Brewing Co., was established in 2013 and offers a range of craft beers in a communal atmosphere.
  • Dirigo Brewing Company specializes in lagers and offers a riverside taproom.
  • Lucky Pigeon Brewing Co. is known as Maine’s first dedicated gluten-free brewery.
  • Situated in a renovated mill building, Blaze Brewing Company offers a variety of craft beers with a view of the Saco River.
  • Batson River Brewing & Distilling serves not only craft beers but also spirits, with a tasting room in a historic setting.

Saco Breweries

  • Barreled Souls Brewing Company is known for its unique brewing process and variety of beer styles.
  • Offering a selection of housemade beers, Run of the Mill Public House and Brewery also has a full dining menu.

Tasty Culinary Scene

The culinary scene in Biddeford and Saco Maine has been blossoming, earning recognition for its diverse and high-quality offerings. The area’s proximity to the ocean also means that fresh seafood is a staple on many menus.

Biddeford Restaurants

In particular, Biddeford has seen a gastronomic renaissance with the influx of chefs and restaurateurs drawn to the city’s historic charm and affordable spaces within the repurposed mill buildings. Food enthusiasts can savor everything from gourmet dining to casual eats.

Biddeford’s Palace Diner is one of the oldest dining cars in the country and serves classic American fare with a contemporary twist. Other favorite restaurants include Elda and Thai ME Restaurant.

Saco Restaurants

Saco complements its neighboring city with its own culinary delights. A few local favorites include Lobster Claw Pound & Restaurant, Traditions Italian Ristorante, and JIN Sushi & Ramen.

Top Biddeford & Saco Maine Lodging, Hotels, Campgrounds, & Vacation Rentals

Hotels in Biddeford & Saco Maine

The Lincoln Hotel

17 Lincoln St, Biddeford | 207-815-3977
Standing as a chic boutique hotel, The Lincoln Hotel has 33 stylish guest rooms in a beautifully reimagined textile mill. It combines modern amenities with historic charm, so guests can enjoy a state-of-the-art fitness center in a prime downtown location.
Read Reviews | Check Availability

Holiday Inn Express Biddeford

45 Barra Rd, Biddeford | 207-294-6464
Offering modern comfort and convenience, the Holiday Inn Express Biddeford has amenities like free Wi-Fi, breakfast, and a heated indoor pool. It provides easy access to local attractions and businesses too.
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Saco Motel

473 Main St, Saco | 207-284-6952
The Saco Motel is a delightful throwback to 1950s-style lodging, providing a unique, nostalgic experience. Known for its clean and cozy accommodations, the affordable and charming motel boasts an inviting outdoor pool and exudes a sense of classic Americana.
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Wagon Wheel Motel

726 Portland Rd, Saco | 207-283-3258
Nestled close to local beaches and attractions, the Wagon Wheel Motel offers a convenient and comfortable stay. This family-friendly, no-frills motel provides guests with essential amenities, a friendly atmosphere, and easy access to popular sites.
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Campgrounds & RV Parks in Biddeford & Saco Maine

Homestead By The River Family Campground

610 New County Rd, Biddeford | 207-282-6445
Homestead By The River Family Campground offers a serene camping experience with a family-friendly atmosphere. Nestled by the Saco River, it provides a mix of RV and tent sites amidst picturesque natural surroundings. The campground features amenities like fishing spots and a petting zoo, and it welcomes well-behaved pets.
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Shamrock Campground

391 West St, Biddeford | 207-849-8575
A family-owned retreat near some of Maine’s best beaches, the Shamrock Campground offers a quiet, country setting with both RV and tent camping options. Guests can enjoy the campground’s relaxed environment, alongside a swimming pool and recreational areas. The campground even allows guests to bring pets.
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Sun Outdoors Saco Old Orchard Beach

814 Portland Rd, Saco | 207-282-0502
Offering a range of amenities — including RV sites, vacation rentals, and a splash pad — Sun Outdoors Saco Old Orchard Beach is a family and pet-friendly resort. Guests enjoy the heated pool, recreational activities, and proximity to the beach. A beach trolley is available during the summer.
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Cabins, Cottages, & Vacation Rentals in Biddeford & Saco Maine

Maine Dream Cottage

Nestled in the tranquil Granite Point neighborhood, this Maine Dream Cottage offers stunning Atlantic views and is close to beaches, shops, and eateries. It features a landscaped yard with an outdoor shower, a fire pit, and a deck. Accommodating six guests, the bedrooms are renovated with quality furnishings.
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Fortunes Rocks Beachfront Cottage

This pet-friendly beachfront cottage offers a charming retreat on the 2-mile, sandy Fortunes Rocks Beach. Five guests can explore tidal pools, relax to the sound of waves, stay entertained with deck games or bocce, and watch sunrises and sunsets. The location is ideal for swimming, fishing, bird watching, and surfing during an active beach getaway.
Learn More

Cozy Sea Cottage

The Sea Cottage offers a sunny, cozy retreat for five people, featuring direct ocean views and proximity to Fortunes Rocks Beach. Recently renovated, the pet-friendly property features a modern kitchen and has a crisp summer feel.
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The Moonglow

This stunning Maine beach property is ideal for beachcombers and surfers because it offers easy access to Fortunes Rocks Beach. It comfortably sleeps 10 across four spacious bedrooms and has a gas grill. Welcoming pets, the well-equipped home features beach gear and umbrellas too.
Learn More

Mermaid House

Book a stay at the Mermaid House in Biddeford Pool for an upscale vacation experience for up to 14 guests. This coastal home features a classic exterior, spacious interior, and private yard suitable for pets with a fire pit and deck. Additionally, guests can enjoy a fun-filled basement with ping-pong, foosball, and a swing.
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East Wing Private Hideaway

The East Wing is a tranquil, private hideaway perfect for various getaways for two people. This rental features L.L. Bean decor, local art, and a cozy atmosphere with comfortable quilts. Guests can enjoy the gardens, fresh berries, and proximity to beaches and outdoor activities.
Learn More

The Sealander House

A historical gem built in 1926 by a former city mayor, The Sealander House offers spacious, sunlit rooms with old-world charm. It features hardwood floors, a fireplace, and inviting outdoor spaces with a cupola and established gardens. Ideal for groups of up to 16 guests, the house even includes beach gear.
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The Gregory House

A beautifully restored Victorian home in Saco’s downtown historic district, The Gregory House is just minutes from several beaches and attractions. It’s perfect for celebrations, and the prime location provides up to 16 guests with easy access to Amtrak.
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Cottage on Saco River

This charming waterfront cottage on the Saco River is situated within a well-maintained community with a heated community pool. With room for four guests, it’s close to shopping outlets and the popular Funtown Splashtown.
Learn More

Russell Cove Cottage

The Russell Cove Cottage offers economical vacation lodging for 10 people with a plethora of included extras, modern conveniences, and authentic charm. Enjoy stunning harbor views, a one-minute walk to the beach, and a variety of games for children.
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Kinney Shores Beach House

This beautiful beach house with a gas fireplace and oceanfront deck offers stunning sunrise views and is ideal for beach activities. It features a glassed-in sun porch, a living room with ocean vistas, and three upstairs bedrooms to sleep 12 guests. Enjoy outdoor BBQs and an outside shower too.
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Featured Lodging in Nearby Towns

Hidden Pond | Inspired by Nature 207-967-9050 | 354 Goose Rocks Road, Kennebunkport, Maine
Maine’s Award-Winning Luxury Resort. From the moment you arrive, you will know you’re in for an altogether different experience. Surrounded by 60 acres of birch groves and balsam fir, this private luxury resort features two outdoor swimming pools, a magical treetop spa, and organic dining at the award-winning farm-to-fork restaurant Earth at Hidden Pond. Designed for total privacy and relaxation, Hidden Pond offers the choice of a one-story or two-story cottage, treetop lodges, or romantic bungalows. Its hideaways deliver a unique combination of natural serenity and rustic luxury within easy reach of Kennebunkport’s top attractions. Learn More
Executive Motel | Old Orchard Beach 207-934-4637 | 38 East Grand Avenue, Old Orchard Beach, Maine
Friendly, family owned 24-room motel just 75 yards to The Beach, and 150 yards to the famous Pier. Heated outdoor pool. Clean spacious rooms, all of which feature cathedral ceilings, air conditioning, Cable TV, daily maid service, full private baths, mini-fridges and microwaves, and free WiFi. Back yard area is quiet and grassy with a children's play area with swing set and sand box, plus a BBQ area with grills and picnic tables. Affordable room rates. Complimentary coffee each morning in the lobby. Learn More
Nonantum Resort | Kennebunkport 207-967-4050 | 95 Ocean Avenue, Kennebunkport, Maine
Family friendly waterfront resort in Kennebunkport, just 90 minutes from Boston, with 109 beautifully appointed guestrooms, a full family activities program, heated pool with bar and grill on the water’s edge. Lobster boat, sailing, and sport fishing tours leave daily from the resort’s marina. Perfectly located just a half mile from the shopping and restaurants and beach. Complimentary shuttle for hotel guests. On-site restaurants, including Latitudes and Heckmans, offer fresh Maine seafood, creative coastal cuisine, waterfront views, and live entertainment. Named “The Best Resort in Maine for Couples.” Come learn why guests rave about the staff and their genuine Maine hospitality. Learn More
Tides Beach Club | Kennebunkport 207-967-3757 | 254 Kings Hwy , Kennebunkport, Maine
The only hotel located on Kennebunkport's pristine Goose Rocks Beach, The Tides Beach Club honors its 117-year legacy of hospitality with classic architecture enhanced by a modern vibe and contemporary coastal décor. Guest rooms offer cool tones of teal and coral, petite marble bathrooms, and luxury amenities, all of which reflect the unique beauty and timeless ambience of the Maine coast. Onsite dining and bar present a vibrant social scene. Dining menus showcase Maine's local seafood: enjoy a lobster roll, a classic steamed lobster, or nosh on crispy fried clams. Learn More
Kennebunkport Captains Collection | Kennebunkport 207-967-3141 | 6 Pleasant Street, Kennebunkport, Maine
Located in the heart in Kennebunkport’s historic district, the Captains Collection is comprised of some of the most significant historic ship captain's homes in Kennebunkport. Previously known individually as Captain Lord Mansion, Captain Fairfield Inn, Captain Jefferds Inn, and Maine Stay Inn, under the new collection name, the inns are now managed as a resort-style single entity, embodying the nautical charm of the town with the design and amenities to satisfy the desires of today’s discerning traveler. From private cottages to spacious suites and cozy rooms, the collection offers something for everyone. Enjoy landscaped grounds, warm hospitality, and professional concierge services. Learn More
Seaside Inn | Kennebunk Beach 207-967-4461 | 80 Beach Ave, Kennebunk, Maine
Oceanfront Inn directly on Kennebunk Beach. Walk to Kennebunkport's famous Dock Square shops and restaurants. Sea kayaking, whale watching, fabulous sunrises and sunsets from your room! The Seaside Inn is open year round and includes breakfast daily in the 1850 Boat House. Hot tub. Bicycles. Oceanfront rooms. Great values with our special Off-Season Packages in the inn. 9th generation family innkeepers since 1667. Kennebunkport's premier beachfront address. A memorable location and experience directly on the beach. Learn More
Kennebunkport Inn | Kennebunkport 207-967-2621 | 1 Dock Square, Kennebunkport, Maine
Casual elegance. Stylish guest rooms. Thoughtful amenities. Exceptional guest service. These are a few of the highlights guests rave about during their stay at the Kennebunkport Inn, the only hotel located in the heart of Kennebunkport, Maine. Perched in the heart of the village center, the inn’s vista overlooks the downtown shops, restaurants, galleries, and even the Kennebunk River, making it an optimal choice for guests who prefer to walk to the most popular destinations in town. Learn More
Sea Cliff House Motel | Old Orchard Beach 207-934-4874 | 2 Sea Cliff Avenue, Old Orchard Beach, Maine
Twelve miles and 20 minutes from Portland enjoy all the comforts of home in our quiet, privately owned Sea Cliff House Motel, where the ocean is your front yard and the seven-mile-long beach awaits you. Two-room kitchenette efficiencies or ocean front motel rooms. Heated seasonal pool, year round hot tub, lounge chairs, comfortable lawn furniture, a canopied gas grill area, outdoor shower. The nostalgic Old Orchard Beach Pier is only a 10-minute walk. Go to our web site to see our all new oceanfront Grand Suite. Learn More
The SeaStar | Old Orchard Beach 207-934-7364 | One Kinney Avenue, Old Orchard Beach, Maine
Just 200 yards north of the famous Old Orchard Beach Pier. Five spacious, 2 bedroom townhouse and penthouse units. Situated directly on the beach, with an unparalleled view of the beach, ocean and pier. From your unit you can step directly onto the beach or walk a short distance to the town square without having to drive or pay for parking. Bright, contemporary styling and casual furnishings. The wide veranda is the perfect place to relax. Open Spring, Summer or Fall. Learn More
Kennebunk Gallery Cottages | Kennebunk 207-985-4543 | 65 York Street, Kennebunk, Maine
Comfortable 1 and 2 bedroom housekeeping cottages with kitchenettes and motel rooms on four acres. Large swimming pool, as well as sports and children’s play areas. Free WiFi. All units with A/C, heat, phone, extended cable, deck or screened porch. Located within walking distance of the town of Kennebunk with dining for all budgets, shopping, antiquing, old Captain’s homes. Centrally located within an easy drive to all area attractions. Learn More
Lodge at Kennebunk | Kennebunk 207-985-9010 | 95 Alewive Rd, West Kennebunk, Maine
Quiet 8-acre wooded setting adjacent to highway. Minutes to Kennebunkport. Deluxe continental breakfast. 40-foot heated pool. Game room with air hockey and 8-foot pool table. Conference room can seat 40+. Outside activities include horse shoes, volleyball, shuffleboard and playground. We also offer picnic tables and gas grills. CCTV, AC, phones, mini-fridges and microwaves in all rooms. Rooms are either: 1 king bed, 2 double beds or 2 and 3 room suites (one with a Jacuzzi tub). Pets and Smoking in designated rooms only. Learn More
Sandy Pines Campground | Campground 207-967-2483 | 277 Mills Rd. , Kennebunkport, Maine
Less than a mile from Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport, Sandy Pines offers a relaxing vacation experience for every type of camper. Whether you prefer the simplicity of your own tent, the comfort of your own RV or the luxury of one of our Glamp Tents, Cottages, Hideaway Huts or Unique Retreats, we have accommodations for both couples and families. At Sandy Pines, we pride ourselves on maintaining the cleanest, most modern bathhouses in Maine. Unwind in our heated, saltwater pool or enjoy a paddling adventure from our private boat launch. Learn More
Elmwood Motor Court | Old Orchard Beach 207-934-2611 | 183 Saco Avenue, Old Orchard Beach, Maine
Quiet, spacious and beautiful, our property is the perfect setting for a private weekend getaway or a family seeking a safe, fun-filled spot. We are only minutes away from the beach, Pier and attractions. We have a large swimming pool, shuffleboard, volleyball, basketball, a children’s playground, recreation room with games and plenty of space for football, Frisbee, or relaxing. We have gas grills available and several outdoor fireplaces. In the morning, complimentary coffee is available in the office. Learn More
Red Squirrel Lodge | House Rental - Old Orchard Beach 207-934-7364 | 208 East Grand Avenue, Old Orchard Beach, Maine
A seaside family retreat located in the exclusive Grand Beach section of Old Orchard Beach. This spacious eight bedroom, three bath lodge was specially designed for large family groups. It is situated on a two acre wooded lot providing privacy and plenty of room to stretch and play. The beach, considered by many to be the best section of the seven miles of sandy shoreline along Saco Bay, is just a short walk across the street and accessible via a public access walkway. Learn More

Exploring Beyond Biddeford & Saco Maine

Visiting Biddeford and Saco Maine offers a blend of coastal beauty, historic charm, and a burgeoning culinary scene, perfect for a quintessential New England experience. And while you’re in the area, consider experiencing the nearby towns of Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, and Old Orchard Beach.


Visiting Kennebunk Maine immerses you in coastal elegance with sandy beaches like Gooch’s Beach, historic landmarks, and picturesque streets. Enjoy a vibrant arts scene at Maine Art Hill, sample local cuisine, and explore unique shops. Kennebunk’s tranquil ambiance and natural beauty make it a serene getaway destination.


Kennebunkport Maine is a charming encounter with its iconic New England maritime heritage, upscale boutiques, and excellent dining. Explore scenic spots like Walker’s Point, relax at pristine beaches like Goose Rocks Beach, and enjoy the lively atmosphere of Dock Square. Kennebunkport’s blend of sophistication and coastal charm captivates all who visit.

Old Orchard Beach

In Old Orchard Beach Maine, you can expect beachfront fun at a famous pier with great food, an amusement park, and 7 miles of sandy shoreline. Enjoy arcade games, rides at Palace Playland, and weekly fireworks. OOB is a family-friendly destination with a nostalgic boardwalk atmosphere and a bustling summer scene.

Even more Southern Maine Coast lodging options are in these towns, including campgrounds and RV Parks.

FAQs About Biddeford & Saco Maine Hotels & Other Lodging

What types of accommodations are available in Biddeford and Saco Maine?

Biddeford and Saco Maine lodging consists of hotels, motels, campgrounds, RV parks, and a variety of vacation rentals.

Are there any beachfront hotels in Biddeford and Saco Maine?

While none of the top hotels in Biddeford and Saco Maine are located on the beach, travelers can book a wide array of beachfront vacation rentals.

Can I find pet-friendly lodging in Biddeford and Saco Maine?

You can absolutely find pet-friendly lodging in Biddeford and Saco Maine. The campground welcomes pets, as do several vacation rentals.

How close are Biddeford and Saco Maine accommodations to local attractions and beaches?

Whether you decide to stay in Biddeford or Saco Maine, your lodging will only be a 20-minute drive from attractions and beaches in the opposite twin city.

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