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Maine Coast Vacation Ideas

Maine BeachWhen people think of classic Maine vacations, they may think of lodging in a charming cabin rental for a white water rafting trip, staying at a ski resort in Western Maine carving powder, canoeing down the Allagash River and camping out in The County’s wilderness, getting away to a lakefront campground RV park, or enjoying the coast of Maine. Vacationing on Maine’ coast is the most popular attraction, especially during the summer. And really, there’s no truer beauty than summer’s warm touch on the Maine coast.

With more coastal length than even California, Maine’s coast has varied terrain, populous, and town culture. Maine’s three coastal regions, Southern, Midcoast and the Downeast provide geographical distinction as well as very unique personalities granted by the natural landscape and the people that call it home. Even when visiting the coast, you may note that each town along the coast, indicates a matchless culture and vacation amenities.

Southern Maine

Southern Maine, while encompassing a rather small area, is the most populated region in the state. From Kittery to Saco, the coast flourishes in the summertime when seasonal vacationers visit to enjoy (arguably) the best and longest stretch of sandy beaches on the coast. While every seaside town in Southern Maine floods with summer tourism, among the more popular destinations include (from south to north): York, Ogunquit, Wells, Kennebunkport and Old Orchard Beach.

Portland Casco Bay

Portland is among the most well known cities in the entire United States, even some would claim the port city to be quite internationally recognized with its highly active harbor. Coastal access, islands smattering within Casco Bay, city attractions, historic intrigue, outdoor recreation all sum up to make Portland, Maine one fantastic place to visit and a fun place to stay. Freeport, abutting the northern shores of Casco Bay, is another popular vacation destination with its famed outlet store center including flagship store, LL Bean, and more natural terrain for enjoying the outdoors, like camping, hiking, biking, boating or kayaking to name a few.


From Brunswick to Searsport, Midcoast Maine tells a different story from the Southern Maine coast and Casco Bay region. Maine’s Midcoast offers the small town personalities that travelers find so endearing and a meandering coastal outline that offers among the most scenic boat tours. Many towns within Maine’s Midcoast are often found on top vacation towns or must visit small towns including Boothbay Harbor, Monhegan Island, Rockland and Camden. Truly, this is just a short list as any small town in the Mid Coast makes for a terrific vacation stay.

Down East

Down East Maine is well deserving of a vacation getaway as it is fabled for it’s Mount Desert Island domain. Many vacationers travel a long way to be humbled by the mountainous terrain abreast the Atlantic Ocean. Bar Harbor, Mt Desert Island’s largest town is one of the most highly visited towns in Maine offering whale watching tours, lighthouse tours, nearby scenic airplane tours, chic boutique shops, great dining scenes, and many choose to lodge in Bar Harbor with its vicinity near Acadia National Park.

So there you have it–don’t you want to vacation on Maine’s coast? Too many places to choose from, which is why many travelers choose to tour the coast, stopping at one town each night and moving on to the next once you’ve experienced the local attractions.

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