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Guide to Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, Vacation Rentals, & Other Lodging in Harpswell Maine

Renowned for its rugged beauty and maritime charm, Harpswell Maine offers a serene getaway with a network of over 200 offshore islands within Casco Bay in Cumberland County. Some of the islands are connected by bridges, providing stunning ocean views and a sense of tranquility.

Harpswell’s appeal lies in its blend of natural beauty, outdoor activities, and preservation of Maine’s coastal heritage. This idyllic setting is perfect for kayaking, sailing, and enjoying expansive sea views. And, the town’s charm is further enhanced by key attractions like historic Eagle Island State Park, the scenic Cliff Trail, and the iconic Halfway Rock Lighthouse.

Know Your Lodging Options in Harpswell Maine

In Harpswell Maine, visitors can find a variety of lodging options that cater to different preferences. The town and its surrounding islands maintain quaint bed and breakfasts and private cottage rentals that provide a cozy, home-like atmosphere.

For those who enjoy nature, campgrounds and cabins allow guests to stay close to the scenic landscapes and waterfront. Also, vacation rentals are popular because they offer a more personalized stay, often with access to kitchens and private living spaces. These accommodations typically feature beautiful ocean views and peaceful environments along the Maine coastline.

Lodging prices can vary widely depending on the accommodation, location, and time of year. Generally, prices reflect the quaint and scenic nature of the area. During the peak tourist seasons of summer and early fall, rates tend to be higher with increased demand. By contrast, off-peak seasons offer more affordable options, ensuring that guests of all budgets can find accommodations to their liking.

Featured Harpswell Maine Lodging

Bailey Island Motel | Modern Getaway on Bailey Island 207-833-2886 | 2041 Harpswell Islands Rd, Bailey Island, Maine
Nestled on tranquil Bailey Island and serviced by the world's only cribstone bridge. The Bailey Island Motel has 19 spotless mini-suites with private baths, sitting area, smart tv, mini fridge, microwave, coffee maker, A/C, heat and more. Sit outside your room in your own Adirondack chairs sipping your morning coffee and plan the day's adventures. Enjoy the island's local fare at our wonderful restaurants. Perfect for a couples getaway, family outing, or Maine staycation! Learn More
Coveside Bed & Breakfast | Georgetown 207-371-2807 | 6 Gotts Cove Lane, Georgetown, ME
Coveside is a private, peaceful, upscale retreat on Georgetown’s rocky coast. Get outdoors and enjoy the complimentary kayaks & bicycles, hike the local trails, spend the day at the Reid State Park beaches, or just relax on a waterside lawn chair or hammock and enjoy the stunning sunrise on Gotts Cove and Sheepscot Bay. All rooms have a private bath and lovely cove view. Some rooms have private decks and gas fireplaces. Open year round. Learn More

Getting to Know the Harpswell Maine Area

Harpswell Maine showcases a remarkable geographic diversity that contributes to its unique charm. The town is composed of a mainland peninsula and a collection of over 200 islands strewn across Casco Bay. The islands range from larger, more developed lands connected by bridges to smaller, uninhabited islets that can only be reached by boat.

This diversity provides not only stunning natural beauty but also a range of recreational opportunities — from boating and fishing to hiking and bird watching. The interplay of land and sea, along with the changing seasons, gives Harpswell a dynamic character that is both captivating and serene.

The Islands

Some of Harpswell’s islands have unique attractions and amenities that draw visitors year-round, making them worthwhile to visit during a MidCoast Maine getaway:

  1. Also known as Great Island, Sebascodegan Island is the largest island and hosts a significant portion of the town’s population.
  2. Orr’s Island is connected to Sebascodegan Island by the Orr’s Island Bridge and is known for its picturesque landscapes and quiet, residential atmosphere.
  3. Only accessible by boat, Eagle Island is a state historic site and was the summer home of Admiral Robert Peary — famous for claiming to be the first person to reach the North Pole. Tours of the Peary House are available when it’s not undergoing repairs.

Bailey Island

Bailey Island might be the most attractive to Harpswell visitors because it has a little bit of everything. Visitors will experience a small-town atmosphere with hotels and bed and breakfasts, local shops (including a general store), and seafood restaurants. On top of that, they will be surrounded by a rugged shoreline and stunning ocean views.

There are even a variety of activities to experience via Bailey Island. Notable attractions include the Giant’s Stairs — a natural rock formation along the coast and next to McIntosh Lot Preserve — and Mackerel Cove — a hub for boating and fishing. Also, boat tours are available to see the surrounding islands and natural beauty.

Maritime Heritage & Historic Landmarks

The maritime heritage of Harpswell is deeply rooted in its history and culture, reflecting the town’s long-standing relationship with the sea.

The community has been shaped by fishing, lobstering, and boat building for generations, and these activities still play a central role in its economy and way of life. This connection to the ocean is evident in the town’s numerous wharves, lobster pounds, and marinas, as well as in the local traditions and festivals that celebrate Harpswell’s nautical legacy.

Historic Landmarks

Also, the town is home to several historic landmarks that offer a glimpse into its past. One notable site is the Halfway Rock Lighthouse, a beacon for mariners since 1871, which stands on a desolate rock in Casco Bay.

Harpswell’s meeting houses, such as the Elijah Kellogg Church and the Harpswell Meetinghouse, date back to the 18th century and serve as testaments to the town’s colonial history. These structures — along with preserved historic districts and ancient burial grounds — contribute to the narrative of Harpswell’s rich and enduring heritage.

Outdoor Recreation & Wildlife Viewing

Outdoor recreation in Harpswell Maine is a significant draw for residents and visitors thanks to the extensive coastline, numerous islands, and natural landscapes. The intricate waterways provide ample opportunities for exploration and adventure via kayaking, sailing, and boating.

Cliff Trail

Hiking is another popular activity, particularly on Cliff Trail. This moderate, 2.3-mile loop is known for its scenic views, diverse terrain, and natural rock formations like the Giant’s Stairs. It weaves through forests and along the shoreline, offering hikers a blend of challenge and tranquility with panoramic vistas of Long Reach. It’s a highlight for outdoor enthusiasts looking to experience Maine’s coastal beauty.

Wildlife Viewing

Additionally, Harpswell’s geographical diversity creates a varied landscape of sheltered coves, deep inlets, rocky cliffs, and rolling forests. The coastline is dotted with tidal pools, salt marshes, and sandy beaches, offering different ecosystems and habitats for a variety of wildlife.

It’s a prime spot for birdwatching, with seabirds, shorebirds, and migratory species commonly seen. The waters are rich with marine life too — seals often bask on the rocks, and with some luck, visitors might catch sight of dolphins or whales offshore during certain times of the year. The intertidal zones provide a glimpse into the lives of numerous smaller marine creatures, making tide pooling a fascinating activity for all ages as well.

Arts, Culture, & Events

Visitors will find a vibrant arts and culture scene in Harpswell that is inspired by its picturesque setting.

The town has a thriving community of artists, including painters, sculptors, and photographers who often capture the essence of Maine’s beauty in their work. Local studios and galleries showcase the talent of these artists, providing visitors with a chance to appreciate and purchase unique pieces of art.

And, the area’s natural charm and tranquility make it an attractive retreat for writers and musicians too, further enriching the town’s cultural landscape.

Festivals & Events

In Harpswell, cultural events and activities play a significant role in community life. Workshops, art classes, and lectures are frequently organized, offering both locals and tourists opportunities to engage in creative learning experiences.

And, the historical society and local organizations often host events that celebrate the town’s heritage, including talks on maritime history and traditional craft demonstrations.

The Harpswell Lobster Boat Races, for instance, is a celebrated July event where local lobstermen compete in a series of boat races, showcasing the speed and power of their working vessels. At the Harpswell Bandstand by the Sea, the community gathers for a variety of musical performances throughout the summer and fall.

Culinary Scene

The culinary scene in Harpswell Maine is characterized by fresh, locally-sourced seafood. The restaurants and eateries capitalize on the abundance of fresh lobster, clams, mussels, and fish from the surrounding waters.

These establishments range from casual lobster shacks and seafood huts — where diners can enjoy a meal with ocean views — to refined dining experiences that offer creative takes on traditional dishes.

But, the dining experience isn’t just about the food — It’s also about the atmosphere. Many restaurants provide a rustic, down-to-earth ambiance that reflects the maritime heritage and laid-back lifestyle of the area.

Top Harpswell Maine Lodging, Hotels, B&Bs, & Vacation Rentals

Hotels & Motels in Harpswell Maine

Bailey Island Motel

2041 Harpswell Islands Rd, Bailey Island | 207-833-2886
The Bailey Island Motel offers clean, spacious accommodations with a touch of homey comfort. Nestled in a scenic location, it provides stunning views and a peaceful retreat. With amenities like outdoor seating and an inviting pool, it’s an ideal spot for relaxation and enjoying the natural beauty of Bailey Island.
Read Reviews | Check Availability

The Driftwood Inn

81 Washington Ave, Bailey Island | 207-833-5461
Since 1905, The Driftwood Inn has been a family-operated establishment, epitomizing classic New England hospitality. Visitors can savor home-cooked breakfasts and dinners, relax on porches overlooking the water, and take a dip in the saltwater pool. Nestled in a prime location, the inn provides the soothing sounds of ocean waves at night and the stunning vistas of Casco Bay by morning.
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Inns & Bed and Breakfasts in Harpswell Maine

The Harpswell Inn

108 Lookout Point Rd, Harpswell | 207-815-0419
A historic bed and breakfast, The Harpswell Inn is set on a picturesque waterfront estate. This charming inn provides a tranquil retreat with eight unique guest rooms, each offering a blend of authentic Maine character and modern comforts. Guests can relax and enjoy the serene surroundings, making it an ideal spot for a peaceful getaway.
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The Captain’s Watch

926 Cundy’s Harbor Rd, Harpswell | 207-725-0979
The Captain’s Watch bed and breakfast offers a blend of historical charm and modern amenities. Situated on a bluff overlooking Cundy’s Harbor, guests can enjoy homemade breakfasts and spacious, beautifully appointed rooms. The inn provides a secluded, quaint experience with easy access to the area’s natural beauty, making it an ideal spot for a serene getaway.
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Log Cabin Island Inn

5 Log Cabin Rd, Bailey Island | 207-833-5546
The Log Cabin Island Inn is an inviting bed and breakfast offering panoramic ocean views. Guests can enjoy a cozy, rustic atmosphere with comfortable accommodations in all nine rooms. Stays include breathtaking sunsets and views of diligent lobster boats as they toil for their daily hauls!
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Cabins, Cottages, & Vacation Rentals in Harpswell Maine

Sunny Oceanfront Cottage

Harpswell peninsula
Enjoy a serene stay for two in a sunny oceanfront cottage with 250 feet of private coastline and panoramic views. The living room’s eight windows offer a front-row seat to spectacular sunsets and diverse wildlife, including bald eagles and loons. Watch local fishermen at work and seabirds foraging, and try your hand at fishing for stripers right from the shore.
Learn More

On Top of the Sea

Harpswell peninsula
This private Cape Cod house in North Harpswell boasts two seaside decks, cozy interiors, and stunning southerly views of Harpswell Sound. The property features a variety of amenities, including a wood-burning fireplace, high-speed internet, and a gas grill. Set within a 50-acre compound with historical roots, it’s conveniently close to Brunswick, offering both seclusion and accessibility.
Learn More

Drifting In

Harpswell peninsula
Drifting In is a year-round coastal retreat nestled between Stovers Preserve Beach and Potts Point Preserve. This rental for two offers stunning views of Casco Bay and the unique Cribstone Bridge, a large porch, and a private oceanside deck. Guests receive welcoming treats, breakfast goodies, and luxurious linens.
Learn More

Bungalow on the Water

Harpswell peninsula
This cozy Bungalow is an 800-square-foot, modern post-and-beam structure on an 8-acre private estate with amenities like a private beach, walking trails, and a shared deep water dock. It offers a screened porch, a private lawn with a fire pit and grill, and the opportunity to purchase fresh lobster nearby.
Learn More

Pet-friendly South Harpswell Home

Harpswell peninsula
Built in 2001, this open-concept, waterfront home features hardwood floors and large windows that flood the space with natural light. Accommodating nine people, the first floor includes a sitting area with a wood stove, while upstairs features bedrooms with walk-in closets. Outdoors, guests enjoy multiple porches, Adirondack chairs by the water, and a grill.
Learn More

Shore-side, Pet-friendly Apartment

Sebascodegan Island, Cundys Harbor
Perched just 10 feet from the water, this one-bedroom unit for two offers stunning views of Cundys Harbor from the second floor. It features a private outside stairway and a spacious 10-by-25-foot wraparound deck for dining and relaxation. Guests can launch a kayak from the front yard, enjoy the ever-changing tides, and spot local wildlife.
Learn More

Camp Card Cove

Sebascodegan Island
A spacious, architecturally designed waterfront cottage for eight, Camp Card Cove offers privacy on a 2-acre lot with over 200 feet of waterfront and a private dock. The home even features a kid’s suite. Enjoy ocean views from the master bedroom balcony, a cozy living area with a gas fireplace, and outdoor spaces like a screened porch and fire pit.
Learn More

Cove-side, Pet-friendly Apartment

Orr’s Island
Located on Lowell’s Cove at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, this cozy studio apartment rests above a garage with accommodations for four guests. It features beautiful southerly views of the cove and ocean with the sound of the waves providing a tranquil backdrop for sleep. Guests can wake up to the sounds of nature, including seagulls and birds, and enjoy morning coffee on the patio while watching the sunrise over Lowell’s Cove.
Learn More

Pet-friendly Aberdeen on the Shore

Orr’s Island
Located on a 13-acre property, Aberdeen is a spacious, modern oceanfront home with the charm of a New England craftsman cottage, offering stunning sunrise views. The house features large windows, an inglenook with a wood-burning stove, multiple living spaces, and accommodations for 11 people. Also, there’s a large deck, gardens, and access to the rocky shoreline for kayaking and exploring tide pools.
Learn More

Waterfront Home Near Garrison Cove

Bailey Island
Stay in a 2013 oceanfront house featuring five king bedrooms for up to 10 guests and panoramic views less than 50 feet from Merriconeag Sound and Garrison Cove. Every room offers stunning ocean vistas — the property’s view is recognized as one of Maine’s best by Downeast Magazine. And, the location provides the sensation of being on a ship, complete with breathtaking sunrises and sunsets.
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Sea Escape Cottages & Charters

23 Sea Escape Ln, Bailey Island | 207-833-5531
Presenting a tranquil retreat, Sea Escape Cottages & Charters provides a selection of clean, well-maintained cottages that boast expansive views of Casco Bay. Guests can enjoy a rolling lawn leading down to the seashore, enhancing the serene coastal living experience. Also, it offers sailing charters, providing an intimate yet accessible way to explore the bay and its activities.
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Johnson Homestead

Bailey Island
The Johnson Homestead offers a comfortable oceanfront stay for eight guests. It features easy beach access and a sun porch. Guests can enjoy sunsets, potential views of Mt. Washington, and the ever-changing tides. Also, the property includes modern amenities like a gas grill.
Learn More

Friendly Cottage

Bailey Island
The newly built Friendly Cottage is a year-round seaside retreat with solar and geothermal heating and cooling — an exemplary model of near-net-zero energy living. It features unobstructed views of Casco Bay and spectacular sunrises and sits on a secluded beach. Within walking distance of local amenities, this home is ideal for gatherings of up to six guests.
Learn More

The Captain York House

Bailey Island
The Captain York House is a century-old New England home that can host up to 14 guests. Designed as a duplex, it offers ample space and privacy, making it ideal for large families or groups. The house is equipped with games and is close to beaches, boating, hiking, shops, and local eateries, perfect for a coastal Maine retreat.
Learn More

Featured Lodging in Nearby Towns

Flagship Inn & Suites | Boothbay Harbor 207-633-5094 | 200 Townsend Avenue, Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Boothbay Harbor's top rated affordable hotel. Affordable Rooms & Family Suites with easy access to all of Boothbay Harbor & The Botanical Gardens. Less than a mile from the ocean and downtown Boothbay Harbor, on the Trolley Route. Pool, hot tub, complimentary breakfast, playground, picnic area, free Wi-Fi, and direct access to walking trails. Pet friendly. The best value and friendly, knowledgeable staff. Open year round. Learn More
Newagen Seaside Inn | Southport 207-633-5242 | 60 Newagen Colony Rd. , Southport, Maine
Whether you prefer the B&B vibe of our classic rooms and suites, or you want a romantic island getaway in your own seaside cottage, our accommodations are everything you expect from a coastal Maine inn with history and charm. Newagen Seaside Inn is nestled on 20 acres of pristine oceanfront property, at the tip of Southport Island. Minutes from Boothbay Harbor, but far from the noise and crowds. Room rates include breakfast and access to the Inn’s amenities, including pool and vintage game room. Restaurant and bar on property. Open May through October. Learn More
Kennebec Inn | Bath Bed and Breakfast 207-443-5324 | 696 High Street, Bath, Maine
Experience warm hospitality at the Kennebec Inn Bed and Breakfast, located in historic Bath, Maine. Resting on large park-like grounds with an in-ground pool, the Inn is a short walk from a wonderful downtown. Providing many premier amenities of a luxury hotel, while balanced with the personalized treatment and service that only intimate lodging accommodations can provide, the Kennebec Inn has been the B&B of choice by guests of Bath, Maine for over eight years. Learn More
OneSixtyFive | Brunswick 120-772-9491 | 165 Park Row, Brunswick, ME
Where historic ambiance meets modern comfort. Sixteen rooms in three buildings: Main House, Carriage House, and Cottage, all within a short walk to Bowdoin College and downtown. Enjoy a delicious breakfast made to order and fabulous evening fare at Pub165. The best seat in the summer is on the front porch and in the winter by the crackling, oversized fireplace. Warm, welcoming staff make it extra special. Voted best College Town Inn in New England by Yankee Magazine. Learn More
Harbour Towne Inn | Boothbay Harbor - Waterfront 207-633-4300 | 71 Townsend Ave., Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Upon arriving at our quintessential waterfront bed and breakfast you will immediately be transported back to a time when romance and gracious living were a way of life. Choose an Inn room with an outside deck or common deck access for scenic views of the charming village or picturesque waterfront. Our luxurious modern Penthouse is spacious and sleeps four in luxury. Enjoy a full breakfast with our compliments. Fresh coffee, great food and good cheer. Learn More
Cod Cove Inn | Edgecomb 207-882-9586 | 22 Cross Road, Edgecomb, Maine
Perfectly located between Pemaquid and Boothbay peninsulas with all of Midcoast Maine at your doorstep. The Cod Cove Inn offers the privacy of a hotel with the warm, friendly atmosphere of a coastal inn. Four acres of sweeping lawns and groomed gardens, a heated swimming pool in season, and 28 elegantly appointed rooms. Every room offers a commanding panoramic view of the western sky, the tidal Sheepscot River and the village of Wiscasset, Maine’s prettiest village. A deluxe continental breakfast is included in-season; off-season, in-room breakfast is provided. Several pet-friendly rooms. Open year round. Learn More
Bliss Farm Inn | Durham/Freeport 207-407-3241 | 1290 Royalsborough Road, Durham, Maine
Built in 1772, The Bliss Farm Inn is a year-round bed and breakfast that allows guests to take a step back in time without sacrificing any of today's modern luxuries. Located just 10 minutes from Freeport and 15 from Brunswick, Durham is set in the rolling hills and farmland adjacent to the Androscoggin River. Bliss Farm Inn is a special place providing guests true farm-to-table breakfasts, 24 hour snacks and beverages, and all of the simple charms and romance of a historic hideaway! Learn More

Exploring All of Harpswell Maine & Beyond

Visiting Harpswell Maine offers a serene coastal escape with a picturesque blend of rocky shorelines, quiet coves, and lush maritime forests. Whether you explore the historic Cribstone Bridge, enjoy fresh seafood, or hike one of the many scenic trails, Harpswell provides an authentic taste of Maine’s rugged charm.

But, you might miss out if you don’t explore beyond Harpswell and its islands. While you’re here, consider taking day trips to Brunswick, Bath, Phippsburg, or all three!


A day trip to Brunswick Maine is an opportunity to experience the town’s vibrant blend of culture, history, and academic life thanks to the presence of Bowdoin College. Stroll through the charming downtown area, browsing unique shops and enjoying the local culinary scene, which ranges from cozy cafes to gourmet restaurants. End your day with a relaxing walk along the Androscoggin Riverwalk or catch a performance at the celebrated Maine State Music Theatre.


Visiting Bath Maine immerses you in a town known for its rich maritime heritage, beautifully preserved 19th-century architecture, and scenic waterfront along the Kennebec River. Explore the renowned Maine Maritime Museum, which offers insights into the state’s shipbuilding history and the importance of seafaring to the region. Take a leisurely stroll down Front Street to discover quaint shops, local eateries, and the charm of the historic downtown district.


A day trip to Phippsburg Maine promises a picturesque escape to one of the state’s most scenic coastal towns, where natural beauty abounds. Start your adventure at Popham Beach State Park, renowned for its expansive sandy beaches and historic Fort Popham, offering a glimpse into the area’s past. As the day winds down, relax at one of the local beaches or explore the remains of Fort Baldwin, soaking in the tranquil atmosphere and stunning Maine sunset.

You can find more MidCoast Maine lodging options in these towns if you prefer to stay overnight, including a couple of campgrounds and RV parks. Some lodging specials might be available in the area as well.

FAQs About Harpswell Maine Hotels, B&Bs, & Vacation Rentals

Are there any waterfront or oceanview accommodations available in Harpswell Maine?

Yes, there are waterfront and oceanview accommodations available in Harpswell Maine. The Driftwood Inn is one option alongside a wide range of vacation rentals.

What amenities can I expect to find at Harpswell Maine accommodations?

Harpswell Maine lodging options offer an array of amenities. Many properties offer basics like free Wi-Fi, parking, and comfortable bedding. Others may have fully equipped kitchens, outdoor seating areas, and grills for barbecues.

Waterfront properties often include access to private docks, kayaks, or boats, and you may also find accommodations with fireplaces and expansive decks or porches with ocean views.

Can I find family-friendly accommodations in Harpswell Maine?

Yes, family-friendly accommodations abound in Harpswell Maine. Vacation rentals, in particular, cater to families, offering multiple bedrooms, yards for children to play in, and sometimes even game rooms or access to family-friendly activities.

Are pets allowed in Harpswell Maine hotels, B&Bs, or vacation rentals?

Pets are allowed in some Harpswell Maine lodging properties. The Harpswell Inn is a bed and breakfast that welcomes pets with certain conditions, while numerous vacation rentals allow pets as guests too.

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