Popham Beach State Park at Hunnewell Lifesaving Station, with Pond Island Lighthouse on horizon

Guide to Bed and Breakfasts, Vacation Rentals, & Other Lodging in Phippsburg, Sebasco, and Popham Beach Maine

Phippsburg Maine is a coastal town that boasts a picturesque setting and a variety of attractions, making it an appealing vacation destination. Its position on a peninsula between the Kennebec River and Casco Bay offers stunning ocean frontage and access to several beautiful beaches — including the popular Popham Beach State Park, known for its expansive sandy beach.

Also, the town is home to other points of interest, such as lighthouses, hiking trails, and tourism-related businesses that cater to those looking to explore Maine’s natural beauty. Visitors can enjoy other outdoor activities too, like boating and fishing. For those interested in historical sites, the area’s rich history is evident in its well-preserved forts and colonial buildings.

The town’s proximity to other Maine attractions and its tranquil setting make it a great base for exploring the MidCoast region or simply relaxing by the sea.

Know Your Lodging Options in Phippsburg Maine

Traditional lodging options in Phippsburg Maine may be few but enough to suit various preferences and needs. This means that you won’t find conventional hotels near Popham Beach, but the charming bed and breakfasts, cozy inns, and guesthouses provide quaint, intimate experiences, reflecting the town’s historical charm and coastal character.

For those seeking more independent or private retreats, plenty of vacation rental homes and cottages are available — some have beachfront views, while others are nestled in quiet wooded areas. And for a more rustic or outdoorsy experience, camping facilities are available in the area.

Lodging prices in Phippsburg can vary widely depending on the type of accommodation, proximity to beaches, time of year, and special amenities offered. During the peak summer season, prices may be higher alongside increased demand. More affordable options may be available slightly inland, during the off-season, and at properties with fewer amenities.

Featured Greater Phippsburg Area Maine Lodging

Coveside Bed & Breakfast | Georgetown 207-371-2807 | 6 Gotts Cove Lane, Georgetown, ME
Coveside is a private, peaceful, upscale retreat on Georgetown’s rocky coast. Get outdoors and enjoy the complimentary kayaks & bicycles, hike the local trails, spend the day at the Reid State Park beaches, or just relax on a waterside lawn chair or hammock and enjoy the stunning sunrise on Gotts Cove and Sheepscot Bay. All rooms have a private bath and lovely cove view. Some rooms have private decks and gas fireplaces. Open year round. Learn More

Getting to Know the Phippsburg Maine Area

Founded in 1607, Phippsburg Maine was the site of the Popham Colony — New England’s first English settlement attempt. Despite initial abandonment due to conflicts like King Philip’s War and resettlement struggles, the area eventually flourished.

Phippsburg’s rich history is visible in landmarks, such as Fort Popham, and its shipbuilding legacy. And, the town is known for fishing, tourism, and the beautiful Popham Beach, attracting visitors with its mix of historical depth and natural beauty.

Sebasco Estates

Sebasco Estates is an unincorporated, picturesque village of Phippsburg known for its stunning coastal scenery and tranquil environment. The rugged and beautiful coastline offers access to Casco Bay, making it a great location for boating, fishing, and kayaking.

Wallace Circle

Known for its small, quaint fishing community atmosphere, Wallace Circle embodies the coastal charm of Maine with its proximity to the water and local maritime activities. It contributes to the town’s rich history with its traditional New England vibe and access to local beaches. The community is also recognized for its association with Alton Wallace, a notable designer and builder of the “Westpointer” hull.

Beaches & Outdoor Recreation

As a haven for beach lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and conservation-minded visitors, Phippsburg Maine offers a wealth of natural attractions and outdoor activities. These natural attractions are part of what makes the town a special place for those looking to enjoy Maine’s coastal environment.

Popham Beach State Park

Known for its long stretches of sandy beach, Popham Beach State Park is a popular destination for both locals and tourists. The park’s beach is considered one of the most beautiful in the state, stretching along the Atlantic Ocean with stunning views, ample space for sunbathing, and opportunities for swimming.

Also, visitors can enjoy exploring the nearby tidal pools and sandbars, particularly during low tide when it’s possible to walk out to Fox Island.

WARNING: It’s important for visitors to be aware of the tidal schedule to ensure a safe return to the mainland before the tide comes back in. The rising waters can quickly cover the sandbar and isolate the islands from the shore.

Popham Beach State Park’s natural environment supports a variety of wildlife, making it a great spot for bird-watching and nature photography. With picnic facilities and a spacious parking area, it’s well-equipped to accommodate day visitors looking for a relaxing beach experience.

The park makes a great educational trip into Maine’s early colonial history too. It’s part of the area where the Popham Colony was settled in 1607, making it one of the earliest European settlements in North America.

Hunnewell Beach

Hunnewell Beach is a relatively lesser-known beach, offering visitors a more secluded and peaceful beach experience for enjoying the natural beauty of Maine’s coastline without the crowds. Visitors can take in the scenic views, search for sea glass, or simply relax on the sand.

Bates-Morse Mountain Conservation Area & Seawall Beach

This area protects over 600 acres, including salt marshes, the Sprague River, upland forest, and the summit of Morse Mountain, offering diverse habitats for wildlife and several trails for visitors. Accessible via the mountain hike, the secluded Seawall Beach offers pristine sands and a quiet atmosphere for a more tranquil beach experience than Popham Beach.

Phippsburg Land Trust

The Phippsburg Land Trust is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and stewardship of the natural areas within Phippsburg. Its mission is to protect these lands for the enjoyment and education of current and future generations, ensuring that the town’s unique landscapes and ecosystems are maintained.

Nestled just off Route 209, the Sprague Pond Preserve spans 114 acres and features enchanting woodlands alongside a hidden gem — a deep, cold, nearly 10-acre spring-fed pond. A meandering trail takes you by a beaver pond and dam, over a quaint wooden footbridge, and along the pond shore — with captivating pond views from every angle.

The Ridgewell Preserve spans 46 acres and provides lovely vistas of Seguin Island and the Atlantic Ocean. Starting from Pride Rock Way just off Route 209, its orange trail winds past a marsh and through dense woodlands to a ridge where a connecting white trail leads to the “Dinosaur Rocks” and a stunning overlook of Seguin Island. The path continues southward and back to Route 209.

Other Outdoor Activities

The waters around Phippsburg are perfect for kayaking, sailing, and fishing, with local charters and boat rentals available.

Kayaking is popular for beginners because of the calm bay and inlet waters and for advanced kayakers because of the challenging open ocean. Paddlers can explore the serene backwaters, navigate around the numerous small islands, and enjoy the beauty of the rugged coastline.

Sailing enthusiasts find Phippsburg to be a splendid destination with favorable winds and beautiful scenery. The area’s sailing tradition is strong, and visitors can bring their own vessels.

Fishing is a significant part of Phippsburg’s identity too, with opportunities for freshwater and saltwater angling. The Kennebec River and the coastal waters of Casco Bay are teeming with species like striped bass, bluefish, and mackerel. For freshwater enthusiasts, the local ponds and streams offer trout and other species.

Historical Sites & Architecture

Reflecting its long and varied history — from pre-colonial times through the military engagements of the early 20th century — Phippsburg Maine has a host of historical sites and some inspiring architecture.

Fort Popham State Historic Site

Fort Popham State Historic Site is a Civil War-era coastal defense fortification located at the mouth of the Kennebec River. It’s an impressive semi-circular granite structure that was never fully completed but played a role in the area’s defenses.

Fort Baldwin State Historic Site

Named after the Civil War engineer Jeduthan Baldwin, Fort Baldwin State Historic Site was built in the early 20th century to protect against potential naval invasions. It consists of several concrete bunkers and observation posts on a hill overlooking the mouth of the Kennebec River and Fort Popham.

1883 Hunnewell Life Saving Station

The historic 1883 Hunnewell Life Saving Station near the forts and Hunnewell Beach is a testament to the region’s maritime heritage. As part of the U.S. Life-Saving Service, it was pivotal in rescue efforts along Maine’s coast, housing courageous crews who aided ships in peril. Later integrated into the Coast Guard, it continued its vigilant watch over the waters. Now, the station stands as a historical monument, honoring the legacy of life-saving services.

Malaga Island

A small island in Casco Bay with a dark history, Malaga Island was the site where a mixed-race community was forcibly removed by the state in 1912. It’s now a public preserve and an important historical site for understanding Maine’s past.

Phippsburg Center

As the historical heart of the town, Phippsburg Center embodies the quintessential charm of a New England town. It is characterized by traditional architecture, including historic homes and buildings that date back to the town’s early days.

Phippsburg Center is also home to the Phippsburg Historical Society museum, which is housed in a building that was once a church. The museum provides a rich narrative of the town’s past, with a collection of artifacts, photographs, and documents that tell the story of its maritime heritage, role in early American history, and residents’ lives over the centuries.

Artistic Community & Cultural Events

Phippsburg Maine has a vibrant artistic community and a calendar filled with seasonal events and cultural traditions that celebrate the town’s heritage and the creativity of its residents.

Like much of the MidCoast Maine region, Phippsburg is home to a thriving community of artists and craftspeople. The area’s natural beauty inspires a wide range of artistic expression — from painting and sculpture to photography and craftwork — and local galleries and studios showcase much of it.

Throughout the year, the town hosts a variety of events too. Summer festivals and outdoor concerts take advantage of the beautiful weather and location. For instance, the Phippsburg Sportsmen’s Association Fishing Derby encourages outdoor recreation and community involvement.

Meanwhile, Phippsburg’s cultural traditions are deeply rooted in its maritime heritage. The Blessing of the Fleet and similar celebrations honor the local fishing community and its importance to the area’s economy and way of life. Plus, historical reenactments and storytelling events at historical sites bring the rich history to life for new generations.

Culinary Delights & Seafood

While a small town, Phippsburg offers a variety of dining options that reflect its coastal location and the culinary traditions of New England.

Two recommended restaurants are Spinney’s Oceanfront Restaurant and Anna’s Water’s Edge Restaurant, both of which offer fresh seafood, providing an authentic taste of Maine’s culinary landscape.

Many dining establishments in Phippsburg also take advantage of the stunning natural surroundings — offering meals with a view whether it’s oceanfront, riverside, or woodland.

Top Phippsburg Maine Lodging, B&Bs, & Vacation Rentals

Bed and Breakfasts in Phippsburg Maine

1774 Inn

44 Parker Head Rd, Phippsburg
The 1774 Inn is a historic event venue set in a beautifully preserved 18th-century building near Phippsburg Center. Close to the beautiful Kennebec River, it offers a blend of colonial charm and modern comforts. With its tranquil location and classic New England hospitality, the 1774 Inn provides an intimate and serene setting for groups seeking a unique and authentic Maine experience.
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Spinneys Restaurant & Lodging

985 Popham Rd, Phippsburg | 207-389-2052
Staying at Spinneys Restaurant & Lodging offers a charming and authentic coastal experience in comfortable rooms with a quaint, homey feel just steps from the sandy shores of Popham Beach. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, making it a great choice for beachgoers, families, and groups. Plus, guests can enjoy the convenience of having a reputable restaurant on-site, where they can savor fresh seafood and local dishes while taking in stunning oceanfront views.
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Rock Gardens Inn

45 Shell Rd, Sebasco Estates | 207-389-1339
Offering a secluded and peaceful retreat for visitors, Rock Gardens Inn is located on a private peninsula on Casco Bay. It provides a special getaway experience surrounded by natural beauty. With a history of welcoming guests since 1911, the inn is spread across several acres and features a collection of cottages that offer a blend of rustic charm and comfort.
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Campground in Phippsburg Maine

Meadowbrook Camping Area

33 Meadowbrook Rd, Phippsburg | 207-443-4967
The Meadowbrook Camping Area is a family-owned campground nestled on 60 acres, offering a variety of camping experiences. Guests can choose from tent sites, RV hookups, rustic camping cabins, and RV rentals. Also, the pet-friendly campground is equipped with swimming pools, a recreation hall, a general store, a paintball course, and opportunities for hiking and wildlife watching.
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Cottages & Vacation Rentals in Phippsburg Maine

Tidewater Beach House

34 Hunnewell Ave Popham Beach | 401-419-6760
A contemporary, pet-friendly vacation rental near Popham Beach, the Tidewater Beach House was built in 2015. It features luxurious amenities like a game room and screened-in porch. Ideal for families or groups of up to eight people, the house provides easy beach access and lovely Atlantic views, ensuring a blend of entertainment, relaxation, and picturesque charm.
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Historic Schoolhouse

Nestled by the charming Wallace Circle fishing village, this unique, historically rich property began as a 1920s schoolhouse before transforming into a boat shop by renowned hull designer Alton Wallace. Artfully renovated, it blends educational heritage with nautical flair to accommodate six guests. The property even has children’s toys and a basketball hoop.
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Coastal Cottage

This charming, pet-friendly cottage in Sebasco sits near where the New Meadows River flows into Casco Bay. Renovated and nestled among local homes, it offers partial water views and a nearby pebble beach for launching rented kayaks. Guests can relax in Adirondack chairs, enjoy the bay’s views, and watch various boats sail by. Ideal for families, it features tide pools, sea treasures for kids, and a cozy sun porch.
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Ranch-style Getaway

This welcoming home is suitable for up to six guests and is conveniently located near popular beaches and coastal attractions. It has a screened porch for relaxation and a finished basement for additional living space with an air hockey table and board games. There’s a spacious yard too, and kayaks and beach chairs are provided for guests to use.
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Island View Cottage

Nestled in the Sebasco area, Island View Cottage offers a luxurious, solar-powered retreat with one-level living for easy accessibility. With a cathedral-ceilinged great room, expansive windows, and a cozy gas fireplace, it provides a serene escape. The cottage can accommodate six guests, welcomes pets, has a deck with bay views, and includes a Popham Beach State Park pass.
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Driftwood Oceanfront Cottage

This renovated cottage, once part of Ocean View Park Campground, offers unobstructed ocean views and beachfront access to Popham Beach. It features a modern kitchen and bath, premium linens, and is equipped with all the comforts, including WiFi and cable. Along with beach access, guests get to enjoy spectacular views of lighthouses and easy access to cultural activities. Pets are welcome too.
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Belle’s House

A charming two-story New England home, Belle’s House offers a nostalgic retreat with modern comforts after renovations in 2022. Nestled in the Sebasco Estates area, it features shore frontage and clear views of Round Cove. The fully furnished, pet-friendly property sleeps eight across four bedrooms and has a spacious deck. Available for week-long stays, it also offers optional deep-water mooring rentals.
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House on Wooded Property

This serene, pet-friendly retreat near Greenleaf Preserve and Mary’s Woods is set on 4 acres of woodland, providing privacy and a connection with nature. The house can accommodate up to 11 people and features a deck with a grill and outdoor dining. Along with tranquility, the home’s location balances easy access to local attractions.
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Beachfront Luxury Home

Once part of Ocean View Park Campground, this renovated beachfront house at Popham Beach offers open-concept living with soaring ceilings and stunning, unobstructed views of the ocean and lighthouses. Ideal for multiple families or large groups of up to 12, it features private beach access on 1.3 acres of exclusive land. Enjoy the two decks and proximity to area attractions all year.
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Featured Lodging in Nearby Towns

Exploring All of Phippsburg Maine & Beyond

As a captivating coastal haven, Phippsburg offers pristine beaches, historic sites, and breathtaking natural landscapes ideal for travelers seeking tranquility and a taste of New England’s maritime charm. And, visitors can get even more of this charm on day trips to nearby Harpswell, Bath, and Georgetown.


For those looking to explore the quintessential beauty of the state’s rugged coastline, Harpswell Maine is home to numerous islands and peninsulas. Visitors have the chance to experience scenic drives, fresh seafood, and outdoor activities, such as hiking the Cliff Trail or exploring the Giant’s Stairs.

Also, the area is great for kayaking, with opportunities to see local wildlife and picturesque lighthouses. Harpswell’s blend of natural beauty and serene coastal communities make it a perfect escape for a day of relaxation and exploration.


The “City of Ships” is an excellent day trip destination from Phippsburg. This charming city along the Kennebec River boasts a rich maritime history, showcased at the acclaimed Maine Maritime Museum. Visitors can stroll through the historic downtown, which is lined with unique shops, art galleries, and restaurants.

The architecture in Bath Maine reflects its shipbuilding heritage with well-preserved 19th-century buildings. The city offers lovely parks and riverfront areas for picnicking and watching boats glide by too, making it a delightful spot.


Georgetown Maine is a picturesque island community known for its natural beauty — including Reid State Park, which offers sandy beaches, rocky coastlines, and trails for hiking and bird-watching. And, art enthusiasts can visit Georgetown Pottery where local ceramics are crafted.

The island’s serene atmosphere is perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy activities like kayaking in sheltered coves or indulging in fresh seafood at local eateries like Five Islands Lobster Co. This blend of coastal charm and outdoor pursuits is sure to delight any day-tripper.

You can find more MidCoast Maine lodging options and special packages in these towns if you prefer to stay overnight, including a couple of campgrounds and RV parks.

FAQs About Phippsburg Maine B&Bs & Other Lodging

What types of lodging are available in Phippsburg Maine?

The types of lodging available in Phippsburg Maine are largely limited to bed and breakfasts, inns, and vacation rentals. However, visitors still get plenty of variety to suit their preferences and needs, especially among the vacation rentals.

Are there any pet-friendly accommodations in Phippsburg Maine?

Yes, there are pet-friendly lodging options in Phippsburg Maine. Alongside the Meadowbrook Camping Area, travelers can find pet-friendly vacation rentals throughout the town.

Can I find oceanfront accommodations in Phippsburg Maine?

Absolutely! Phippsburg Maine has numerous oceanfront or near-ocean lodging options, providing beautiful views and easy access to the beaches and water. For example, all of the cottages at Rock Gardens Inn are located along the shoreline, and Spinneys Restaurant & Lodging is steps from the beach. A lot of vacation rentals are located on the shore too — some with private beach access.

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